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Virátism (Terranilian: Virátethe), also known as National Progressivism or sometimes Terranilian Fascism, is a Terranilian ultranationalist political ideology based on the beliefs of Žep Virát, the first Chairman of the National Progressive Party. The ideology seeks the creation of an atheist authoritarian ethnostate in Terranihil. The National Progressive Party is the main promoter and practitioner of Virátism.

Virátism promotes ethnic Terranilian interests over foreigners and minorites within Terranihil; Malgophobia is common among Virátists. The ideology is strictly atheist and seeks the eventual elimination of Islam and Christianity from the nation. Although Virátism is not constricted to a single economic theory, many refer to modern Virátist economics as national corporatist, a term coined by Zakaria Boisón; national corporatism has been described as state capitalist. Virát, as an authoritarian leader himself, believed that a powerful authoritarian state was necessary to lead the nation to this so-called progressive new ideal. Terranilian progressivism is unlike conventional social reformist strand of progressivism, but rather seeks prosperity for the Terranilian nation and people.

The word Virátism was coined by Omar Lornif, the second Chairman of the National Progressive Party and Virát's right-hand man. Virátism emerged as the embodiment of the NPP's ideals. Virát coined National Progressivism to describe the NPP; however Virátism gained more popularity. Today, Virátism and National Progressivism are used interchangably. Terranilian fascism has also been used to describe Virátism, though the party has denounced the label and Terranilians generally associate fascism with Creeperian Fascism.


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