UCN–LCN conflict

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The UCN–LCN conflict was a series of hostile events (not necessary during wartime) between the United Conservative Nations (UCN) and The League of Conservative Nations (LCN), during 2018. Documentation of these actions can be lacking because of misplacement of information, NS's automatic RMB wipes, and similar issues. The conflict occurred at the conception of the UCN, and lasted until the complete dismantling of its government at the beginning of July 8th, which is now celebrated as Victory Day annually in The League.

The unexpected cooperation between The League of Conservative Nations and The Communist Bloc was the groundwork for a mutual defense and intelligence sharing treaty, the Agreement for Inter-Regional Security & Co-Operation. When or if the agreement technically lapsed requires further research, but it is not generally unrecognized by both governments in favor of a second more modernized treaty that was signed between the two regions in 2021, the 8th July Accords, which reaffirmed the principles of non-aggression and intelligence cooperation, while adding cultural and WA stipulations.


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