The League–Invader War

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The League–Invader War
Date13 March 2022 – present
(3 months, 3 weeks and 1 day)
Warzone Sandbox
Status Ongoing
 The League
  • Lone Wolves United
  • The Brotherhood of Malice
  • The Black Hawks
  • Osiris Fraternal Order
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
 League's Defense Forces

The League–Invader War is an ongoing conflict between the organizations Lone Wolves United (LWU), The Brotherhood of Malice (BoM), The Black Hawks (TBH), the Osiris Fraternal Order (OFO), and The League (TL) that began on 13 March 2022.


Increased League FA outreach

10 November marked the formation of an embassy between Warzone Empire and The League. Later a treaty, The Golden Eagle Pact, formalized military ties between the two regions. This followed the general pattern of

Raider provocations

Prior to these new relations, there had not been a serious effort to disrupt the reign of God Emperor One Small Island, but afterwards a spate of three attacks occurred, one incident in late December 2021, and a more serious attack in March of 2022 which succeeded in wiping Warzone Sandbox.

The League response

members from the raider organizations Lone Wolves United and The Black Hawks were both proscribed from League properties under CRL 29 on 29 December 2021.

Declaration of war

Further actions

Current state