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The Rakeo PortalThe Rakeo Portal
RakeoianFlag.png Rakeo

Rakeo is oppressive nation known for political repression, a stratocratic government, and an affinity toward violence-based technology, and is the second and only other nation located in the Southern Sea. The capital of Rakeo is Olino. It has a two neighboring nations, one to its north in the form of Creeperopolis, with a technologically backwards nation in the west, known as Sequoyah. As of 2020, an estimated 30 million people live in the island nation.

Selected Article
Jinosia Munitions Plant, 1952
The Rakeoian Civil War was a war fought between 1950 to 1955, between a nationalist-military unified front and loyalists of the Theocratic Republic of Rakeo. The war marked the first time that Rakeo had engaged in a state of total war, marking it as the second country on Sur to see fully industrialized war. Read more...
Rakeo News
  • Rakeo has hosted a military equipment conference known as MILKON 2020
  • Several Rakeoian aircraft have crashed in Sequoyah
  • An official tourism guide was provided internationally by the Stratocratic Authority
Selected Image
Rotate Sled Machine Gun Colored.png
Gunsled Snow Planes on the southern icesheets, 1957
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