Council of the Republic

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Council of the Republic
Seal of the Council.png
of The League
Founded13 May 2019 (2019-05-13)
Preceded byThe Citizens' Assembly of The League of Conservative Nations
New session started
13 March 2022
Jack Empire
since November 2022
Seats9, Increase 2
Length of term
1–2 months
SalaryHistory l black.png 5,000 per day
History l black.png 1,780,000 per year
Constitution of the Republic

The Council of the Republic is the main legislative body of The League.

Council Delegates

Council votes

The council’s votes have historically been conducted with the understanding that a majority (rounding up in case of an odd number of delegates), excluding the consulate, must vote in favor of a bill in order for it to take effect as a law or motion. The vote conducted on the implementation of the Constitution of the Republic required a 2/3rds majority. Modern votes are cast as messages for context as to why a Council Delegate cast their vote, as well as an Aye or Nay.

Nomination cycles

Every two months, there is a major and minor nomination cycle. During the first major nomination cycle, members of the public can nominate candidates to serve for one or two months as a Council Delegate, and during the second minor nomination cycle, those not already continuing to serve two month terms can be nominated for a one month term. If the term nomination has two others endorse it, it is said to have reached quorum, and if the candidate is willing and does not turn down their nomination, the nomination will be carried to the confirmation process. In the confirmation, a public vote is held on whether the slate of candidates whose nominations reached quorum should become council delegates.



A poll on establishing a regional senate was taken on 7 March 2019, which showed a public and Consulate interest in reforming the legisilature. Evidently discontent with this short-lived regional senate, on 12 May 2019, a plebiscite was taken that would "mandate the Consulate to establish a governing Council ... and ... author a Constitution which will be ratified by said Council regarding this new government".






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