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Flag of Concord
Emblem of Concord.png
Coat of arms
Governing region The League
Conquest18 May 2022
Refounded14 June 2022
Frontier status2 May 2023
Founded byFort Concord (Quebecshire)
 • TypeColony
 • PremierAnjan Kloss
 • World Assembly DelegateMechanocracy
(Spode Humbled Minions)
 (April 2023)
 • Total446

Concord is the colony and frontier of The League. It was established by an executive order by the Consulate of the Republic in mid-June 2022.



Concord originally came into possession of The League following action by the League's Defense Forces (LDF) at the forefront of a 13-military coalition operation to purge Layemites from the region. Following the conclusion of the operation on 18 May 2022, the region sat dormant as a trophy region. On 14 June 2022, the region was refounded and established to be a colony of The League, subject to the governance of the Consulate and Council, and the Constitution of the Republic.[1][2]

Transition to Frontier

Concord was originally made with intent of eventually becoming a Frontier, a type of region that was first hinted at in 2016. In the knowledge that the Frontiers/Strongholds update would be happening soon, the Domestic Security Bureau was created on 13 December 2022 to help prepare and manage the unique security needs of Concord.[3] Four months later, following a period of beta-testing, the Frontiers/Strongholds update was announced to be "imminent" by site administration, and the Republic prepared further by implementing an endorsement cap policy in the region on the recommendation of the Domestic Security Bureau. The transition to Frontier status was started on 18 April 2023 and was completed on 2 May 2023.


Chart of population versus date, with a red diamond marking the transition completion date.

The transition to Frontier status led to the population of Concord increasing over twofold in the next months, before stablizing around 1000 nations.



The Premier of Concord is appointed by and reports to the Consulate of the Republic, and aids in managing affairs in Concord. The position was formerly known as the Governor-General, but this was changed to prevent potential confusion between the position and the game-created role of governor.

World Assembly delegate

Mechanocracy is the World Assembly delegate of Concord, joined by two Vice Delegates; Council of Feathers and Southwestern Federal Republic.

Saving for its own main page at some point

No. Portrait Delegate Assumed office Left office Time in office Political party
14 June 2022 Incumbent 1 year, 108 days Independent


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