André Bellerose

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André Bellerose
Lucien Bouchard1.jpg
Photo of André Bellerose as Grandmaster
Grandmaster of Quebecshire
Assumed office
February 12, 1991
Preceded byHenri Arceneaux
High Council Member
Assumed office
May 12, 1976
Personal details
André Maxime Bellerose

(1948-01-13) January 13, 1948 (age 73)
Quebecshire City, Quebecshire
Alma materBostonia Institute of Law

André Bellerose (b. January 13, 1948) is the incumbent Grandmaster of Quebecshire. He also sits on the High Council of Quebecshire.

His time has Grandmaster has seen stability and the further modernization of Quebecshire in the information age. Since 2014 in particular, he has worked alongside Speaker of the Parliament Lucien LaRochelle to further international relations and Quebecshire’s place on the world stage.

Early Life and Career

Bellerose was born on January 13, 1948 to an upper middle class family in Quebecshire City. He attended public schooling in Quebecshire City and was accepted into the Bostonia Institute of Law following his graduation of public schooling. He studied and lived there for several years before returning to Quebecshire City in 1968. He married in 1973 and continued his work as a prominent lawyer and philanthropist in Quebecshire, travelling frequently.

High Council Membership

In 1976, following the resignation of another member, Bellerose was appointed by the High Council of Quebecshire to fill a vacancy. From this position he continued his philanthropy and advocacy, being one of the more prominent members of the High Council. He was noted for his advocacy of asserting Quebecshire’s place in the world and global economy as the information age began to take hold. He was known for getting along well with other members of the High Council, even those he often had disagreements with.

Grandmaster of Quebecshire

In early 1991 longtime Grandmaster of Quebecshire Henri Arceneaux passed away due to natural causes. Bellerose was selected by the High Council as the next Grandmaster not too long after, and he was sworn in on February 12, 1991. The earlier years of his time as Grandmaster were largely focused on internal philanthropy and working with the Speakers of the Parliament to better adapt Quebecshirite industries and attitudes to the 21st century.

He was Grandmaster during the time of the October 16 Regime, which saw a brief hindrance to Quebecshirite-Creeperian relations. More recently, he has worked alongside Lucien LaRochelle’s administration to expand international relations, with Quebecshire's admittance to the Terraconserva Economic Union. He also approved of LaRochelle’s request to place a trade embargo on Morova and presided over over the international trial of Alyosha "Alexei" Karamazov.