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New Austin
Flag of New Austin
New austin map.png
 • GovernorUlysses Tecumseh Lincoln (Republican)

New Austin is a Sequoyan province in the Northwest. It is known for its ranches and iron mining. Ranchers and miners frequently come in conflict with eachother, leading to several confrontations and gunfights in the area. (See Caprican Conflict)


New Austin is an arid desert, with an average of 3 inches of rainfall in the province. The average annual low temperature in New Austin is 44 degrees fahreinheit, with the average annual high being 107 degrees fahrenheit.


New Austin is known for its unique rock formations and red rock. The Rio Bravo runs through the center of the province. New Austin's most famous features include Monument Valley and Promethian Canyon.

The Rio Bravo river running through New Austin
The Promethian Canyon, the largest canyon in Sequoyah


As a province of Sequoyah, New Austin sends senators and Representatives to the Sequoyan Legislature. The Governor of New Austin is Ulysses Tecumseh Lincoln, a Republican. The Republican Party is based in Caprica, the capitol of New Austin. It is focused largely on promoting a homestead act, higher taxes on corporations, and protecting grazing land. The Republicans in the Territorial Government frequently come in conflict with the Iron mining corporations, lead by Hank Gowen, owner of Gowen Steel, who wish the lower the income and corporate tax rate, as well as mine on grazing lands. The Iron bosses are typically Federalists and fight for control of the territorial government with the Republicans