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G&G Global Ratings
Publicly traded
IndustryFinancial services
Founded1912; 112 years ago (1912)
FounderRauol Gentile and Ettore Grasso
Key people
Giovanni Locuta
Number of employees

G&G Global Ratings (formally known as Gentile & Grasso Ratings Service Inc. and commonly called G&G) is a Salisfordian credit rating agency (CRA). It publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds issued by commercial and government entities as well as commodities. G&G is the world's largest credit-rating agency.

G&G ranks the creditworthiness of borrowers using standardized rating scales which measure probability of investor loss in the event of default.

G&G was created from a partnership of Rauol Gentile and Ettore Grasso, two notable members of the Salisfordian financial community, in 1912.

Investment scale

Countries by Gentile & Grasso's Foreign Rating
G&G credit ratings
Investment grade
Symbol Rating Translation Description
EC Eccelente Excellent Obligor has an excellent capacity to meet its financial commitments.
MB Molto Bene Very Good Obligor has a very good capacity to meet its financial commitments, but are a bit higher risk than EC.
BE Bene Good Obligor has a good capacity to meet its financial commitments, but is somewhat more vulnerable to adverse conditions.
IN Intermedio Intermediate Obligor has a intermediate capacity to meet its financial commitments, but adverse conditions or circumstances are more likely to weaken its ability to meet financial commitments.
Speculative grade
Symbol Rating Translation Description
AG Adeguato Adequate Obligor faces major ongoing uncertainties which can lead to an inadequate ability to meet financial conditions.
MD Mediocre Mediocre Obligor has the capacity to meet its financial commitments, but adverse conditions will likely impair its ability to do so.
SC Scadente Poor Obligor is vulnerable and depends on favorable economic conditions to meet their financial commitments.
MS Molto Scadente Very Poor Obligor is highly vulnerable and default is a very distinct possibility.
RF Rifiuto Junk Obligor is very near default.
DF Difetto Default Obligor has defaulted on their financial commitments.
NV Non Valutato Not Rated Obligor is not publicly rated.
Rating outlooks
Symbol Outlook Description
+ Positive Obligor's financial situation is improving.
Stable Obligor's financial situation is stable.
- Negative Obligor's financial situation is worsening.



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