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Solomon Dubinsky
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Photo of Sol Dubinsky
Deputy Minister of Organizational Support
In office
Preceded byTucker Robinson
Deputy Minister of the Office of Active Duty Personnel Logistics
In office
Preceded byNeal Garoppolo
Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs
In office
Director of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation
In office
Succeeded byMatthieu Cronig
Director of the Bureau of Imigration and Citizenship
In office
Preceded byJohn Shotts
Succeeded byJohn Cochran
In office
Succeeded byJohn Shotts
Director of the Office of Legislative Affairs
In office
Personal details
Solomon Lewis Dubinski

Political partyTraditionalist Party

Solomon Dubinsky, known as Sol Dubinsky, was an Icarisian bureaucrat. He served primarily in the Ministry of Defense from 2056-2073. He also held positions in the Regulation Administration of Monetary Policy. During and after his career, there have been dozens of personal accounts of Dubinsky's poor leadership abilities and organizational skills. In Bruce Collingsworth's book, "Leadership Malpractice: The #1 National Security Risk, How Political Careerism and the Defense Bureaucracy Threaten Icarisian Safety", he refers to Dubinsky as "one of the single most ineffective and uninspiring human beings I have ever met." After leaving his post as Director of the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation, his successor, Matthieu Cronig (a highly praised government official), was rumored to have been shocked at how disorganized, unproductive, and ineffectual the organization was. During his career, Dubinsky held six high-profile leadership roles in the government.

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