Nara Island

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Nara Island Territory

and largest city
Official languagesEusazy
GovernmentProvincial Republic
• Governor
Wilfred Kidd
• Total
53 sq mi (140 km2)
• 2020 estimate
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
635,050,000 selkies
Driving sideright

Nara Island is an offshore territory of the Republic of Paleocacher located approximately four hundred and sixty seven miles off the eastern coast. It is a temperate island, populated by just under nine thousand people of mixed Paleocacherian and Karimunese Orang Laut descent. It also recieves a large number of ecotourists per year who come to visit the island's beaches and its unique ecosystems. The island is administered as a special territory of the Paleocacherian republic by a governor elected by a territorial legislature and approved by the presidency.