Lyoa (politician)

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Lyoa CNDD FDD.png
Lyoa's CNDD-FDD avatar.
Delegate of the Council of the Republic
Assumed office
14 May 2020
Personal details

Early 2000s
Chicago, United States
Political partyCNDD-FDD
FND Pro-Patria
Congo Liberation Organization
Spouse(s)Alix Bénézech (status in dispute)
Lexa Gates (status in dispute)
Military service
Years of service2019 - present
RankForeign Spokesman
Battles/warsKivu Conflict

Lyoa, also referred to as Jake, is a Congolese insurgent and member of the League of Conservative Nations on and off since around 2016. He is an incumbent member of the Council of the Republic, serving since May 2020. He is also a foreign spokesman for the National Coalition of the People for the Sovereignty of Congo (CNPSC) and has ties to the North Kivu Mai-Mai group known as the FPP-AP.

Lyoa has been accused of various criminal activities due to his alleged role as the boss of the LCN crime family.[citation needed] Lyoa has had an extensive NationStates career, being active on the website since at least 2014. Since then he has gone by various aliases, such as Xyrx, Manchukuo and Mengkukuo, Greenland, and Third Dynasty of Ur. The most recent alias, Lyoa, came up with the beginning of the Terraconserva Roleplay in mid-2019.

Military Career

Lyoa has been involved with the Congolese opposition group known as the CNPSC, led by William Yakutumba since 2019. He has often been referred to as the group's "foreign spokesman" as he frequently relays news of CNPSC activities and statements to the international community. As of September 2020, Lyoa began working with another Congolese militant group, the Patriotic Front for Peace-People's Army (FPP-AP).

Lyoa is also believed to have contacts within the Nduma Defense of Congo-Renovated militia group, particularly the dissident faction of Gilbert Bwira, due to his Facebook friends list. Lyoa has denied having supported the NDC-R, but has not denied having contacts within the group.