William Adama

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Commander William Adama
OccupationInterim President of Sequoyah, Commander of the Nueva Vegas Garrison and the Sequoyan Airfleet.

William Adama is the Commander of the Nueva Vegas Garrison and the Sequoyan Airfleet, both of which are located in Nueva Vegas. Adama commands the small Nellis Air Base. Adama has vocally spoken out against the Sequoyan Slave Trade and ordered his troops not to participate in it in any way. Adama values his independence as a military leader, and has been accused of hiding information about combat with the Cheyall from President Odysseus Stanford. Unlike most Sequoyan military leaders, Adama believes in Civil Liberties and is wary of increasing military authority. He believes that leaders like Stanford threaten the basis of the Republic by expanding the power of the military and eroding the Civil Liberties of Tribal Sequoyans. Adama is often accused of being a sympathizer of the Liberal Party (Sequoyah), lead by Elijah Garrison. Reasoned and considerate, Adama maintains an appearance of cautious intelligence, although he is willing to engage in military combat with fury when he deems it necessary to protect his troops and their civil liberties. After the Treaty of Freemont, Adama took command as interim President of Sequoyah.


Adama works desperately to bring stability to Sequoyah, and has executed the enforcement of the Treaty of Freemont harshly. On July 19th, he issued Order 66, which ordered the military to execute and seize the land of any party not in compliance of the treaty. The Freemont expositor reported the incident, printed below.

"7 Sequoyan plantation owners were arrested in an operation by the famed Deseret Rangers for refusing to comply with the Treaty of Freemont and holding onto their tribal slaves. The rangers freed the tribal slaves and brought the plantation owners to Nellis Airfleet Base. President Adama ordered the plantation owners to be summarily executed, stating, "we cannot afford to allow slavery to again enter our judicial system. These people violated our laws and will be executed under military authority. Our nation is in a dangerous time, and as such, civil liberties will be abridged to keep our nation stable." At 2:37 PM, the Deseret rangers executed the 7 plantation owners by firing squad under orders from the President. Members of the Whig party immediately protested, lodging complaints in the Freemont expositor. One leak to the Expositor reported that the President stated, "This is the hard call, but the right one. We need to prove we deserve to exist. This is how we do it.""