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The Confederation of Willdavie

La Confederatie de Willdavie
Flag of Willdavie
Coat of arms of Willdavie
Coat of arms
Motto: "D'un arme à l'autre !"
Lyoan: "From a weapon to another !"

("Form the battalions")
Location of Willdavie
and largest city
Official languagesDavinish
Ethnic groups
  • 66,33% Atheism
  • 34.40% Agnostic
  • 0.34% Islam
  • 2% Other
  • Oligarchy
  • Parliamentary
Stëphaän Bolduc
Annïc Stoneage
August 15th 1617
• Total
2,282,142.40189 sq mi (5,910,721.6870 km2) (3rd)
• Water (%)
• 2020 estimate
118.6 millions (?)
• Density
50.829/sq mi (19.6/km2) (?)
GDP (nominal)? estimate
• Total
5.645 trillion ₴ (5.820 trillion QSC) (?)
• Per capita
47 605 ₴ (49 078 QSC) (?)
Gini (2020)Positive decrease 31.7
HDI (2020)Increase 0.959
very high · ?
CurrencyPiastre Willdavisienne (PIW)
Time zoneAMT+8,+9,+10,+11 ( WAZ)
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.wd

Willdavie, officially the Confederation of Willdavie (Davinish: La Confederatie de Willdavie) is a nation located on the eastern side of Terraconserva. The nation has only one border with Eminople in the south. The nearest nations are Eminople, New Gandor and Paleocacher. Willdavie largest city and capital is Lévis.

Willdavie was originally formed in 1437 C.E by Quebecshire. It was a colony. At first the new nation was important due to it's large school of fish and vast forests. Since Willdavie was a forgotten vassal, the people living there start a peaceful revolution. The national language was the Quebecshirite until it was overtaken by Davinish which was the language formed by the Willdavisians. In 1617 C.E, ten years after the Quebecshirite Civil War began, Willdavie became independent after it has informed the Quebecshire's government that they were starting a revolution.

Seventh most populous country with 116 millions citizens, Willdavie has a population mostly composed of Willdavisians, but also a 10.7% minority of Quebecshirites. Even though Quebecshirite is not recognized as an official language in Willdavie, there is some Quebecshirite school districts to preserve their language.


The name "Willdavie", come from the Quebecshirite Language. Which means "Where you need some will". It was to designate the Cartier River, where it is difficult to navigate.


The country of Willdavie, is located on the eastern side of Terraconserva. It's also the third biggest country on the eastern landmass. The other two biggest countries are Eminople and Paleocacher. Willdavie only share one country border, and it's with Eminople. The Willdavisian territory is subdivized in 35 departments and 13 regions.

The Willdavisian territory is about 5,910,721.6870 km2.

Willdavie have 4 time zones.


Willdavisian districts.png
# Province Capital Largest City Area (mi2) Population
1 Lévisdrapeau.png Capitale-Nationale Lévis Lévis ? 24,375,000
2 Temiscouata.PNG Témiscouata Aymiscouata Aymiscouata ? 28,868,980
3 Grandlévis.PNG Grand-Lévis Boischatel Rimouski ? 18,089,698
4 Deheerljkhedenflag.PNG De Heerlijkheden Richemont  Richemont ? 4,894,844
5 Willdavisianlimburg.png Limburg Terrebonne Terrebonne ? 2,899,632
6 Flagsarcelle.PNG Sarcelle Delftar Alkmaar ? 9,550,210
7 Klavertje.PNG Klavertje Anvers Verviers ? 3,939,683
8 Flagsaarthecomplete.png Saarthe Lokeren Nicolet ? 3,754,962
9 Pintendreflagcomplete.png Pintendre Laval Laval ? 9,760,340
10 NederlandFlag.PNG Nederland Gresir Algal ? 3,992,541
11 Flagrivierestjean.png Rivière St-Jean Saguenay Saguenay ? 5,874,110
- Willdavie-flag.png Willdavie Lévis Lévis 2,282,142.40189 sq mi 116,000,000


Willdavie only have one contiguous border with Eminople. The river Cartier count for 5% of the territory. And the rest of the rivers make up for 7% of the territory which make a total of 12%. In total, 22% of Willdavie's mainland is actually lakes and rivers.

Willdavie had multiple borders transformations until 1487. That year, the country had it's modern borders.


Willdavie's highest mountain is the Mont Mercantille. It culminate at 1652 meters.

The area around Lévis and Rimouski are in high grounds due to the fact that they are near the "Cap D'Or"

Algal is on a flat ground with multiple lakes near. Multiple flood zones surround the city.


Rank Regions Pop. Rank Regions Pop.
1 Lévis Capitale-Nationale 13,978,450 11 Nicolet Saarthe 962,456 Aymiscouata
2 Rimouski Grand-Lévis 10,210,750 12 Genève Rivière St-Jean 944,120
3 Aymiscouata Témiscouata 9,397,090 13 Auberris Grand Lévis 941,366
4 Cabano Témiscouata 7,894,300 14 Boischatel Grand-Lévis 937,582
5 Laval Pintendre 5,702,398 15 Gresir Nederland 934,250
6 Dégelis Témiscouata 5,672,450 16 Courmart Sarcelle 930,458
7 Saguenay Rivière St-Jean 3,265,000 17 Delftar Sarcelle 924,125
8 Richemont De Heerlijkheden 3,001,250 18 Vierviers Klavertje 919,230
9 Algal Nederland 1,000,000 19 Bergemont Témiscouata 905,140
10 Alkmaar Sarcelle 974,364 20 Terrebonne Limburg 899,637

Historical population
year Pop. ±%/10 yrs
43,250,000 ––––
52,332,000 +21%
64,368,360 +23%
74,474,192 +15.7%
83,634,517 +12.3%
93,419,755 +11,7%
100,145,977 +7.2%
108,858,676 +8.7%
116,000,000 +6.16%

Willdavie's population is around 119 million. The nation's population has been growing a lot since the 20th century. In 2019, the birth rate was about 3.02 child per woman, and is suggesting that it will still be growing in the next few years. 2019's population also grew out about almost 2%. Previsions shows that the Willdavisian population will be about 161 millions in 2050.

Willdavie have the largest Quebecshirite community outside of Quebecshire composed about 12 millions people. It also have a strong Lyoan community composed of 696 000 individuals.

Ethnic Groups

Willdavieans is the largest group in Willdavie, representing 87.3% of the population. Most Willdavieans are Quebecshirites decents. They dominate the nation's politics and army as well.

Quebecshirites represents 10.7% of the population and is the largest ethnic group in Willdavie. They are isued from the old Quebecshirites colons who didn't want to assimilate to Davinish during the Willdavisian independance.

Ethnic minorities in Willdavie (12.7% of total population)

  Quebecshirites (84.25%)
  Natives (4.75%)
  Lyoans (4.72%)
  Terranilians (0.94%)
  Other (5.33%)

Total Ethnic groups in Willdavie

  Willdavieans (87.3%)
  Quebecshirites (10.7%)
  Natives (0.6%)
  Lyoans (0.6%)
  Terranilians (0.12%)
  Other (1.28%)


Willdavie distinguish itself by having a different language than Quebecshirite, even though the country is known to be a past Quebecshirite colony. The Davinish is the most speaken language, representing 88% of the population, and is the mothertongue of 87% of the population.

The Willdavisians defends Davinish a lot in the worldwide community. Since the mosts speaken languages are Spanish and Quebecshirite


Davinish is the official language in Willdavie. The KODD (Kantoor Officiel du Davinois) mqkes sures that the rules for the language are being respected.


Climate data for Lévis (Aéroport Internationale Märc Lesage), 1985−2010 normals, extremes 1910−present
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high humidex 1 3 5 7 9 42 49 44 31 22 17.2 6.7 49
Record high °C (°F) 2.1
Average high °C (°F) 1
Daily mean °C (°F) −7
Average low °C (°F) −15
Record low °C (°F) −40.7
Record low wind chill −17.74 −15 −5.48 −1.7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 −9.03 −3.72
Average precipitation mm (inches) 87
Average snowfall cm (inches) 71.9
Average relative humidity (%) (at 3pm) 78.5 76 68.5 66.5 62 71 72.5 71.5 75.5 77 78.5 81 73.5
Mean monthly sunshine hours 98.9 121.2 152.0 170.6 211.1 234.7 252.3 232.0 163.0 122.0 76.6 81.9 1,916.3
Percent possible sunshine 35 42 41 42 45 50 53 53 43 36 27 31 41
Average ultraviolet index 1 2 3 4 6 7 7 6 5 3 1 1 4
[citation needed]


Prehistory to the western colonisation era

Even though there is few traces, archaeological excavations proved that prior to the colonisation, around -5000, the current land of Willdavie was habited by aboriginals.

While these aboriginals were mostly living from hunt and fishing, a lot of different nations were living in the country, all with a different culture. At that time, the main religion was about living things, today it's more famously known as "Animisme". Based in the current region of "Grand-Lévis", the biggest nation was the Pa-Akanti. Even though the first to meet the Western Colonizers were the Nashashuk in the actual city of Lévis.

Nashashuk tribes members meeting Quebecshirites colonists


The estimated population of Willdavisian natives before the Quebecshirite arrival was about 500 000 and 3 000 000 individuals. Western colonisation have managed to kill around 75% of the aboriginals population of Willdavie. Now the population is composed of 700 000 Native Willdavisians. Many causes are attributed to this genocide. Wars, infections, illness, and so on.

Even though there was no official conflicts, Quebecshirites were not really peaceful with the natives, effectuing many raids towards the aboriginals village during the first years of the colonisation of the Confederation.


Quebecshirites navigators are identified in Willdavie in 1416. Spotting many ressources such as large forests, minerals and school of fish, colonists will be sent in 1438.

But before the actual colonisation of the country, many trip happened in the country, mostly consisting of fishermen building port for fishers. At first, Willdavie was just a fishing territory to Quebecshirites, most of the fishermen camps were located in the actual city of Richemont, where the "Baai door Viernesse" is also located, a place with a lot of fishes.

Colonisation Era (1437 - 1530 C.E)

Foundation (part of post-era)

Willdavie was founded in 1437 C.E. By 2500 Quebecshire's settlers who landed on the eastern side of the mass land of Terraconserva. The settlers founded the city of Lévy (now Lévis) on the coast of the recent colony. In 1467, a large operation consisting of gaining land started. In 1584 Willdavie acquired its modern borders. 5 years later, after a lot of changes happened in the colony, Willdavie became a dominion of Quebecshire. in 1617 the nation acquired a constitution making it fully independent.

The first city established was Lévy (Lévis in 2020), and the founder was Guillaume Couture (1408-1466), a Quebecshirite farmer. During his life, he served as a translator with the aboriginals of the region, a diplomat, a militia captain, and a leader among the settlers of Willdavie.

Early life of Guillaume Couture

Couture was born in 1408 in Yamachiche, in Quebecshire. He was the son of Guillaume Couture Sr. A farmer who was well respected in his community. Guillaume followed his lead and became a farmer himself. However, when he heard in 1608 of the new promisings lands in the eastern continent, Couture joined the adventure. This is how he went to create Lévy, in Willdavie.

Statue of Guillaume Couture in Lévis

Work with the aboriginals

Guillaume Couture was well known because at his arrival in the new country, he learned several natives languages.

Economic Autonomy

Willdavie was renown for it's large sea schools and forest. That's for what Quebecshire established a colony here. But in 1528 C.E, Willdavie wanting more autonomy ask the suzerain if it could rule it's own interior economy. Which was accepted.

Territorial Era (1530 - 1617 C.E)


Even though Willdavie was a large nation, the country had difficulties to unite together. A part wanting to be independent and the other one that was happy under Quebecshire reign. But during the Quebecshire's civil war, the colony being slowly abandoned, most of the population that wanted to stay under it's control quickly switched ideas. At this point, the nation was being unified under the Davinish's nationalism. Even though still today, there is a small Quebecshirite community mostly living in Lévis.

Willdavie's revolutional act

In 1617, ten year after the beginning of the Quebecshirite civil war, Willdavie sent a revolutional act to the Quebecshire's government. It was informing them that they were starting a revolution to gain it's own independence. Because the old colony was ignored by the Quebecshirites, the news was almost ignored, but finally ended into being a heavy news for their government because they couldn't handle a revolution at that time. So Willdavie quickly became a fully independent country.

The Cod War (1621 - 1622 C.E)

The Cod War is a war that happened during 1621 to 1624 in Willdavie. It was about the trout fishing industry. There was two major battle during the war.

Battle of Rimouski

1621, the Willdavisian army had to intervene between some fishers. What they didn't knew though, is that it actually was a major conflict between most of the fishermen. More boats started to come has the soldiers were talking with two fishers.Then, gunshots were heard. The soldiers went back to the military camp to get some reinforcements. But when they came back, all the boats were alligned and the fishers (who pretty much all had guns) were ready to fire. They shot and killed around 12 soldiers in 5 minutes. The soldiers came back with a cannon. They were able to sink only one boat. That is how the fishermen won the Port Of Rimouski.

Battle of Lévis

1621, the group of fishermen started to come across Lévis. The army, heard about what happened in Rimouski. They were ready. With around 5 cannons, the army sinked all suspected boats that were approaching the Levisian port.

Post War

After a investigation, the reasons were clear. The fishermen rebelled due to the new tax on cods. Since it was pretty high, they couldn't fish as a living anymore, they couldn't keep enough money from it. So they meetup at the Port de Rimouski. To take control of it. The War officially ended in 1622, when the last group of rebellous fishermen was arrested and placed in prison.

Secular nationalism (1960's)

Willdavie is a secular nation. But in the late 20th century, some religious groups tried to sprout in the country.

Old representation of the Israfael Angel that missionaries tried to brought in Willdavie from Islam.

Politicians in Willdavie weren't really happy with that, and this is how began the secular nationalism. Through large campaigns against religion. These campaign were composed of new bills that made to practice religions and by publicity.

Implemented bills

First bill to be implemented was Willdavisian Bill 21, a law for educational secularism. It was stating at that moment, that if you had religious beliefs, you wasn't eligible to teach. Also, it was prohibiting every religious classes and symbols. The bill brought a lot of controversies from the minor religious groups. But on the plus side, the bill created the school districts and centered all the educational system. As for today, the Bill 21 is still existing, but with a lot of changes.

Second bill to be implemented was Willdavisian Bill 97, a law to ban religious places of worship. Islam, the religion that was having the most success in Willdavie had a hard time with this law, because their main attraction for recent followers were the "Mosquées". A lot of the recent Islam followers left the religion due to that bill.

And finally, third bill to be implemented was Willdavisian Bill 46, a law to ban religious symbols. That way, every Willdavisian muslim would have to take down every symbols related to it such as the "Burqa" and the "Hijab". That way, muslims groups wouldn't be spotted in the country. The bill was considered xenophobic by religious minorities. But were acclaimed by the rest of the population, proving that the Prime Minister was trying to make the country more secular over the time.

Publicity campaigns

A lot of publicity campaign were made by the Willdavisian government to create a xenophobic reactions towards religions by the citizens. Which worked.

The ads were consisting mostly of a man seeing a "Mosquée" and saying that it was against the Willdavisian culture. The one that had the most reaction was about how women, if they joined islam would have to hide their beauty.

Willdavisian ad saying "You couldn't see these attributes if you joined islam"

This publicity got banned 5 years after which leads in 1965. Other ads were about culture and the Willdavisian identity, which was not considered xenophobics by the religious groups.

A lot of campaigns were about how the Willdavisians atheism was superior to religions such as Islam. This created a genuine distinct xenophobic movements against muslims in the country.


Let's also remember that in the 60's, the government in charge was the first Willdavisian-Quebecshirite government (the Premier being a Quebecshirite born in Willdavie). Quebecshire at these days already were a big secular country which inspired the Prime Minister.

Willdavisian-Quebecshirite Prime Minister Gilbert Montagnier finalizing bill 21 in 1962


Gilbert Montagnier, Prime Minister at the elections of 1961, was elected for his eloquency when he was talking about how the last government ruined our country by letting infiltrating these religious groups in Willdavie. He also created a strong nationalism based on secularism at that time of our history.

That is one of the main reason of the general xenophobia in the 1960's.

Some rumors also sprouted due to his explicitly xenophobia. The rumor was about him sponsorising rebels group in Willdavie to destroy places of worship before the implementation of Wildavisian Bill 97.

Relations with other countries at that time


This is where the relations with the Creeperian government has became strained for almost 50 years. The Creeperian government officialy denounced the Willdavisian government for having tried to hide atheist bill under secular circomstances. Which also led to the Willdavisian status under the Creeperian Travel Advisories of "Travel Highly Discouraged". Problem that will be solved in 2020.

Greater Sacramento

Even though there was no official reactions by the Sacramentian government, Sacramentian immigrants in Willdavie publicly denounced the Willdavisian government for trying to kill their religion in their new home country.

Lévis Movie Capital (1970's - Ongoing)

In the beginning of the 1970's, Willdavisians wanted more exposures internationally. For that reasons, movie studios started to produce more movies for international purposes. Lévis would become The Cinema City. The first movie recorded there was Les Ordres. Movie that received critical acclaim.

Märc Beaulieu, realisator of "Les Ordres" with his wife Jënnifer Simone

Willdavie started to release their films internationally, in countries such as Quebecshire, Greater Sacramento, San Carlos Islands and so on.

The industry growing, bigger budget started to be allowed for movies, because it was bringing a lot of money to the country. But the working cinema industry also went on a monopoly scandal.

Monopoly Scandal

In 1976, a scandal started in the Lévisian Cinema Industry. Some camera manufacturer were trying to have the monopoly of the stuff used on movies set.

Multiple camera's manufacturer were trying to be exclusives to the Lévisians movie set, in the 70's it ended up being ZwartMagique Design, a company making electronic material. Their camera was having a 3x Zoom lens and a compact total reflection mirror was used to apply a bright single-lens-reflex viewfinder. On top of that, the camera was lightweight, which was a great attribute to filmmakers. This model was used during 1972 up to 1982, a 10 year run, which let the model make around 50 multiple movies. It was also reported, that the manufacturer was sending on set some private detectives to be sure that the filmmakers were using the good camera.

Also on the sets, all the costumes were monopolized by the Balenciaga Couture Company. They came in 1974 when they noticed that the Willdavisian movies were starting to be huge internationally. Lévisians set were signing up contracts with the Couturier to make custom costumes. Still today, the Balenciaga Couture Company is still provinding costumes to movies such as recently Diamant Brut.

Adäm Savard in the movie "Diamant Brut" with Balanciaga clothes

Best movies released

In all the years that movie got released in Willdavie, here's the 5 best movies ever made in the country.

  • 5. Grand Western. The movie was about Sÿlväin Lamarre, oldest man in the world in 1976. He is living in an hospice and he recounts his life to a weird historian. He specially talked about the fact that he was kidnapped by indigenous people, that he was a soldier during the battle of Félicien. The movie was released in 1977 and was starring Päatrice Bourgeault
  • 4. Histoire de Mariage. Movie released in 1992, the plot was about Chäarles Vigneault, a successful theater director that is divorcing from his wife. And then goes to court for having his son with him. The movie received critical acclaim specially from the acting of Adäm Boutiller which was considered one of the best ever made in the Willdavisian cinema industry.
  • 3. Diamant Brut. Movie released in 2020, the plot is about Howard Bouvier, a jeweler in the Diamond District in Rimouski who have a gambling addiction and that owes money to a lot of people. The movie also helped the relations with the Creeperopolis government. The movie received critical acclaim for the realisations and the acting of Adäm Savard.
  • 2. The Truman Show. Movie released in 1993, the plot is about Truman, a guy that all his life, without his consent, lived in a tv show about him. The plot is about him discovering that he is in the show and trying to flee from the show set that was a full city made for the tv show. The movie received critical acclaim for the originality of the movie and of the acting of Jïmmy Nadouare.
  • 1. Ivre Liefde. Movie released in 2002, the plot was about Barrÿ Boucher, a man who had emotions problems, and that found the love of his life. While hench man was trying to collect him money because he called to a escort service just to talk. His infos such as his credit card got stolen so he cancelled the card. That is when the escort service boss sent the hench men to collect Barrÿ. They came back another day, but that day they hit the girlfriend of Boucher, so he beat them and then go in Richemont to go speak to the boss. The movie is starring Adäm Savard. And gave him the best reviews of his life when he was only 36.
    Adäm Savard in Ivre Liefde

Current Situation

Currently the cinema industry is going fine, but there is a lot of people that are unsatisfied because a lot of Blockbusters are being made and not a lot of original movie. But the industry has proved that it still could make really good movies, Diamant Brut being the ultimate proof of that statement.

The Lévisian Industry is currently being owned by Willdavie Inc. It is currently releasing about 15 movies a year. Mostly blockbusters these days but we something gets surprises such as Diamant Brut.

The company is well respected, but not as much as it could have been that in 2011, when the company took control of the industry with independent films. Their other famous movie is Une Nuit Sous Tension also made by the realisator of Diamant Brut.

Algal's deluge

Algal's deluge is a name given to multiple floodings events that happened in the city of Algal. The deluge happened between June 29th and July 2. They happened when a huge charge full of humidity coming from the Acernis Ocean went in southern Willdavie. Around an 100mm of rain fell during the multiple floodings. The officials reports announced 15 deaths and cost around a billion piastre in repairs.

Weather Situation

After a rainy spring, specially the two weeks before the deluge, the grounds were full of water. Probably caused by the Hydroelectric station near Algal. The weather reports of that moment were not normal and some suspisions were already existing.

the main features and thermodynamic features of this depression were

  • A trajectory that went in southern Willdavie
  • More intense storm in that area
  • A deceleration in Eminople
  • A stagnation in Willdavie Centre
  • A thermic constrast that progressively became intense
  • Huge humidity
  • Liberation of a lot of latent heat

The white little house

The white little house is a house that survived in rough conditions during the deluge.

The white little house in Algal during the deluge.

The house resisted day after day during the high floods. The white habitation became really popular during the deluge due to the fact that it didn't got destroyed while it was surrendered by water. For the Algalisians, the little white house was a sign of hope that they will easily rehabilitate when the floodings would stop.


Around 2 meters of water was surrounding the city of Algal. The number of death was reported to be around 15 people. The deluge created the evacuation of around 55 000 citizens. A lot of culverts have broken during the events. The river Mistassini was the nearest from Algal and is the main one that cause the floodings. The river flow suddenly went from 100 m3 / s to 1,200 m3 / s. A lot of buildings and houses were destroyed in the region of Algal. It cost around 1 billion to the Willdavisian government.

Terrorists attacks (20-21th century)

Terrorists attacks in Willdavie
Groups names or Terrorist name Location Motive Date Number of deaths
Sëbaastien Couture Richemont, Willdavie Anti-religion March 26th, 1967 13 (including himself)
Benoit Crépus Rimouski, Willdavie Anti-Willdavisian segment July 3rd, 1977 8
Klaas Dumont Lévis, Willdavie Anti-Quebecshirite segment/Revenge August 8th, 1977 12
Töbiaas Laroche École Polytechnique de Lévis, Willdavie Antifeminism December 6th, 1989 15 (including himself)
Oiseauxdelagivre.png Les Oiseaux de la Givre Aymiscouata Airport, Willdavie Terrorism March 15th, 2020 100
Oiseauxdelagivre.png Les Oiseaux de la Givre Lévis Stock Exchange, Willdavie Terrorism June 17th, 2020 45

Richemont's Mosquée shooting

Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948

In 1967, during the Secular Nationalism era, the Willdavisian population was really hainous about religions. So on March 26th, around 5 pm, Sëbaastien Couture arrive near the Richemont's Mosquee with a contraband rifle (a Figueroa-24 Tipo-1948) and entered. The terrorist shout "Allemaal op au sol !" and started blasting on the ceiling. He then rushed for the Imam and lodged 3 bullets in his chest and 5 in the head, killing him instantly. After that he rushed the faithful and killed eleven of them and hurt 10 others. When the Richemont's police arrived at the Mosquée, Sëbaastien killed himself.

After investigation, it has been discovered that Couture had more than 12 weapons in his appartment. And left a letter about his act. There was some complications with the release of the letter, due to the Willdavisian government wanting to censor it, so that no more events such as this one happen again. But when it finally got published, we knew that way, that Sëbaastien Couture had a great hatred toward islam. And that he did it for Atheism and Secularism.

This event made flee a lot of Willdavisian muslims. (since today there is just 400 000 people practicing islam which is 0.34% of the population).

Rimouski's Vidéotron SuperClub shooting

Superclub Vidéotron, a Willdavisian shop to buy movies

In 1977, in Rimouski, Benoit Crépus, a Willdavisian-Quebecshirite native has a hatred toward Willdavieans and Davinish in general. That is why, that on July 3rd, around 8pm, Benoit entered the shop with a pistol and shot on 8 customers. Killing all of them instantly. After that, he barricaded the SuperClub and held 5 customers in hostage. The armed forces arrived 15 minutes after. They surrounded the Superclub, and let Davinish negotiators come. Which led to a future problem, since Crépus was only talking Quebecshirite. During the time they were bringing a Quebecshirite translator, Benoit threathened the armed forces to shoot 1 hostage. Which he did, almost fatally killing the held customer. After they got the translator, they started discussing about what the Willdavisian-Quebecshirite wanted.

Here is what he asked for :

  • A car.
  • Not being followed by the cops
  • Plane tickets to Quebecshire
  • 50'000 ₴ per hostage

The police agreed, but when he went outside, he was immediately arrested. He is currently purging a life sentence.

Lévisian Quebecshirite Supermarket shooting

In 1977, a month later after the SuperClub Vidéotron shooting, Klaas Dumont, a Willdavisian hatred by the act of Benoit Crépus. went in a Quebecshirite Supermarket in Lévis. This arrived around 2 o'clock in the afternoon on August 8th. With a contraband rifle, he shot 2 cashier and told everyone to get on the ground. After that, he killed the other two security guards in the supermarket. He then proceeded by smashing one Quebecshirite to death. After that, one acted like a hero by pushing Dumont on a shelf, he ended up being shot in the head, but he wounded Klaas at the ankle.

When the police arrived, Klaas killed five more Quebecshirites. When two officers entered in the supermarket, he killed one and minor wounded the other one. He still got arrested and is currently purging a life sentence.

École Polytechnique de Lévis shooting

École Polytechnique de Lévis

The École Polytechnique de Lévis shooting was a mass-shooting that happened in Lévis in 1989. Töbiass Laroche, entered the establishment around 5 pm. He had a knife and a rifle. He killed 14 women and injured 10 other.

Sometime after 5 p.m. on December 6, 1989, Töbiass arrived at the building housing the École Polytechnique which is an engineering school. He had been around the school 7 other times before the shooting. Laroche first sat in the office of the registrar on the second floor for a while, and then moved is some classes where there was women. In the first he entered, he just immediately shot 5 women killing 3 of them.

He then went in another class, where he stabbed 2 women to death and shot 3 other girl, killing all of them. Making his death count to 8 women at that point.

At this moment, the Lévisian police was already surrounding the building. But he just went on the third floor to kill 6 other women. And then tried to run across the school. But when he saw that the Armed force and the police was surrounding the building, he took a class in hostage. But when he heard the Police sommations, he killed himself.

Aymiscouata Airport Shooting

Aymiscouata Airport

On March 15th, in 2020, the LOG entered the airport with Donald Nakuzita in lead. They were 5 members in the Aymiscouatan building.

They dispatched in the airport. Donald Nakuzita bringing one person with him, he killed the 10 guards at the verification entry and went in the boarding area. While that, his co-members dispatched in the restauration area killing around 28 people.

But the most fatal was in the boarding area, where Donald Nakuzita coldly killed about 72 Willdavisians citizens. And he injured 50 others. He then managed to flee and is still searched all across Willdavie.

The investigation led to one point. The LOG commit the shooting, just to say that it was one. There was no motives beside terrorism.

Willdavie proclaimed 3 days of silence to mourn the death. Internationally, the TEU members and Lyoa gave their support against the LOG.

At this point, the Les Oiseaux de la Givre was actively researched in the country due to war crimes. Donald Nakuzita and his crew would also make numerous other attacks in Eminople, Lyoa, Terranihil and also again in Willdavie

This attack followed a lot of fear in the country.

Lévis Stock Exchange Bombing

Lévis Stock Exchange

The Lévis Stock Exchange Bombing is a terrorist attack done by the Les Oiseaux de la Givre, on June 17th, 2020, in Willdavie.

Two members of the LOG were spotted near the building planting something. A fellow citizen called the authorities. When they arrived, the two terrorists had finished placing most bombs in the building, and were attempting to blow up a car. Even though the car is still in a good form, the LOG Members, made explode the multiple bombs in the building, killing 45 Willdavisian citizens.

Their arrestation led to the Les Oiseaux de la Givre Head Quarters of Willdavie, were they discovered that Donald Nakuzita left the country, and that there was multiple other head quarters around the globe. Multiple reactions from the TEU community, and multiple others were given to Willdavie.

Prime Minister Stephäan Bolduc announced a lot of security issues within the country, and that changes would be made very quickly.