Venancio López Requena

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Venancio López Requena
Venancio López Requena.jpg
López Requena in 1983.
Birth nameVenancio José López Requena
Nickname(s)"El Soldado Niño" (enlisted)
"El General Viejo" (officer)
Born (1926-05-13) May 13, 1926 (age 95)
Yagua, Jakiz, Creeperopolis
AllegianceCreeperopolis Creeperopolis
Branch/serviceCreeperopolis Creeperian Army
Years of service1940-1998, 2002-2003
Unit15th Creeperian Army
Commands heldI Creeperian Army Corps
Battles/warsCreeperian Civil War

Partisan Resistance in Creeperopolis

Third Senvarian Insurgency

Mara War
Castillianan Insurgency
2003 Creeperian coup d'état
AwardsImperial Cross of San Romero the Martyr
Spouse(s)Anastasia Jímenez Carpio

Venancio José López Requena (b. May 13, 1926) is a retired Creeperian military officer. He was an enlisted soldier in the 15th Creeperian Army from 1940 when he was only 14 years old until 1960 when he transitioned into an officer. When he became an officer, he commanded divisions within the 15th Creeperian Army from 1960 until 1980 when he became the General of the entire Army. He was promoted to Field Marshal of the I Creeperian Army Corps on January 18, 1988. He retired in 1998 but returned to the military in 2002. He was instrumental in the 2003 Creeperian coup d'état in removing Alfonso VI from power and enthroing Alexander II. He retired for good from the military shortly after the coup on November 15, 2003. He is currently living in retirement in San Adolfo, San Romero.

Early Life

Venancio José López Requena was born on May 13, 1926, in Yagua, Jakiz, Creeperopolis. His father René Schneider Chereau and his mother was Concepcion Montt Agudo. He lived in a farming village for all of his early life.


Creeperian Civil War

In October 1940, the 15th Romerist Army marched through the village López Requena lived in. They executed 14 people who were known Miguelists and requested for volunteers from the village to fight for the Catholic Imperial Restoration Council against the National Council for Peace and Order. López Requena joined the army as a child soldier at age 14. He participated in the Battle of Denshire and was reported to have personally killed 23 enemy soldiers.

Post-Civil War

After the civil war, he continued to serve in the Army as a soldier of the 15th Creeperian Army. He participated in the infamous Massacre of the Seven Thousand April 5, 1957.

Military Officer

Before General

In 1960, López Requena became an officer in the Army.


He became General of the 15th Army in 1980.

Field Marshal

López Requena became the Field Marshal of the I Army Corps on January 18, 1988. He retired from Army service on January 1, 1998, and was replaced by Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez.

On October 19, 2002, Emmanuel Cabañeras Videla died and Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez became Minister of Defense of Creeperopolis. López Requena came out of retirement and replaced Cabañeras Gutiérrez as Field Marshal of the I Army Corps again.

2003 Coup

On June 18, 2003, the Creeperian Armed Forces staged a coup against the government of Emperor Alfonso VI. López Requena played an essential role in the coup. After the coup, he served as Acting Minister of Internal Affairs for 1 day before being replaced by Santiago Azaña Yagüe.


López Requena retired again on November 15, 2003. He is currently living in retirement in San Adolfo, San Romero.

Personal Life

Orders and Decorations

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Political offices
Preceded by
Carlos Menem Menem
Minister of Internal Affairs
June 18, 2003 – June 19, 2003
Succeeded by
Santiago Azaña Yagüe
Military offices
Preceded by
Field Marshal Diego Vigil Cocaña
Commander of the I Army Corps
September 15, 1988 – January 1, 1998
Succeeded by
Field Marshal Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Preceded by
Field Marshal Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Commander of the I Army Corps
October 19, 2002 – November 15, 2003
Succeeded by
Field Marshal Ricardo Oviedo Menanteau