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Valkism (Gjorkan: Valkeachas) is a far-right ideology prominent mostly in Gjorka. Valkism supports establishing a unitary centralized state completely sealed off from outside influence, and economy completely controlled by the state. It has close ties to fascism in many regards, but is distinctly it's own ideology. It has heavy religious influences mostly derived from pagan origins. It was founded in 1873 by Edward Vaughan, and rose to prominence nationally in 1890s thanks to the efforts of writer Niall Rochfort who wrote several theses about Valkism including his Progressive Society and Its Future. The ideology exploded in popularity following the Second Gjorkan Civil War, and was initially accepted by the military government. However, due to it's fervent paganist stance it clashed with the secular government causing Valkism to be banned in 1936. This led to a number of Valkists joining the Gjorkan Purification Army, a fascist terrorist organization with similar goals. The ideology slowly faltered from this point onward, and by the 1960s had cratered in popularity. The GPA stopped catering towards their valkist members, and eventually the remaining members broke away from the group forming the Followers of Edward Vaughn in 1965. Following the Second Blue Revolution and assurances Valkism would not be banned, the group disbanded insteading forming a political party known as the Valkist Alliance. Despite this, the alliance found no electoral success causing the surviving members to disband the alliance and form the Valkist Front in 1983, another terrorist organization. A decade later, Drew Assler founded the Gjorkan Valkist Party in 1993, and today operates as the largest Valkist organization.