Union of Castillianan Opposition Forces

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Union of Castillianan Opposition Forces

Xunión d'Fuercies d'Oposición Castilliañero
FounderAbel Ureña Chicote
Joaquín Curbelo Rubio
Eusebio Otálora Moledo
FoundedDecember 2, 1949
DissolvedNovember 5, 2002
Preceded byCoalition of the United Social Left
Succeeded byMilitarist Front for National Liberation
Paramilitary WingMilitarist Front for National Liberation
Membership (1980)40,000,000 (claimed)
  • Castillianan Independence
  • Castillianan Nationalism
  • Republicanism
  • Democratic Socialism
  • Secularism


  • State Atheism
  • Socialism
  • Communism
Political positionLeft-Wing to Far-Left
Party flag
Flag of the International Brigades.svg

Union of Castillianan Opposition Forces (Castillianan Spanish: Xunión d'Fuercies d'Oposición Castilliañero, abbreviated XFOC) was a Castillianan political party which existed from 1949 to 2002.