Tiroler Defence Forces

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Defence Forces of Tirol
Forzes Defendënza dl Tirol
Tiroler Defence Forces insignia.svg
Insignia of the Tiroler Defence Forces
(Ladin for "Forwards!")
Founded15 December 1733
Current form10 May 1984
Service branchesGround Forces
Aviation Corps
HeadquartersInnsbruck, Tirol
Supreme CommandPremier (At War)
Minister of Defence (During Peacetime)
PremierAlbrec Pescosta
Minister of Defencex
Percent of GDP1.8%

The Tiroler Defence Forces (Ladin: Forzes Defendënza dl Tirol) are the unified armed forces of Tirol and main military organisation responsible for national defence.

It includes the following branches: the Ground Forces and the Aviation Corps. In addition to the irregular branch, the Rifles.