The Theocratic States of Icaris

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The Theocratic States of Icaris

Icaris Flag.png
Motto: "Unify and Perservere"
Anthem: Unified and Strong
Guid-ing light on a hill, unified and strong

Out of the ashes we have risen and will be steadfast
With our guarded faith and free-dom, we will lead with might

May the blue and white perservere, God-Bless Ic-ar-is
Icaris country map.png
Icaris state map.png
Official languagesCommon Standard Ursha
Ethnic groups
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy

Presidential Executive Branch

Bicameral Legislature
• President
Dietrich Weber
Neil Forsyth
Raúl Buenaventura
• Estimate
218,659,000 (as of 2070)

The Theocratic States of Icaris, unofficially, Icaris is a large nation founded in 2020 after the Great War ended in 2015. The country is composed of eight states: Avalon, Diztana, Eskimone, Grandoix, Hercules, Juniper, Laporinza, and Paletaph. It's capitol and seat of government is in city of Paletaph which is on the country’s northern coast.

History of Icaris

After the Great War ended, many citizens in Volneria and Glaskarn were dead or in hiding. The refugees of Migaza were rushed to their secret tunnel system for protection. This was the origin of the nation of Icaris

Constitutional Convention

The convention began in 2018. Finally, on October 16th, 2020, the Constitution of the Theocratic States of Icaris was ratified by the constitutional convention, and the nation was officially formed. Levi Shamir served as the Chairman until January 1st, 2021, when the convention formally elected and inaugurated him as the first President of Icaris.

Government and Politics

Constitution of Icaris

Government Structure

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch (The National Parliament)

The National Parliament of Icaris is made up of two houses. The upper house is the State Ministry with the Prime Minister as chief representative and presiding officer and the lower house is the Council of Delegates with the Speaker of the Council as the chief representative and presiding officer. The Prime Minister holds a dual role and also is chief representative of the entire National Parliament.

State Ministry

The State Ministry is composed of eight state ministers. The state ministers are the chief executive of their state, approve legislation of from the Council of Delegates, and coordinate the governance of the eight states inside the nation. The Prime Minister serves as the chief representative of the State Ministry and the National Parliament as a whole. They do not represent a state, but preside over the State Ministry anmd ensure debate and passage of legislation.

Council of Delegates

The Council of Delegates is conposed of four delegates from each of the eight states. They debate and pass legislation to be approved or denied by the State Ministry. They are the primary legislative drafting body. The Speaker of the Council of Delegates presides over the council only. They moderate the debate, make rulings on procedure, announce the results of votes, chief representative of the Council.

Domestic Politics

The citizenry in Icaris are very active in their political communities and its roots in populism. The first elected president, Levi Shamir, led the charge for an active poltical community that held their leaders to an ethical standard. Shamir's leadership was a strong influence on the political identity of the nation, but since his death in 2021, political engagement has overall declined. Nevertheless, voter turnout is relatively high among comapared to neighboring democracies, political party and organization involvement is a staple of Icarisian life, and the media plays a large role in being a unoffical fourth branch of government that provides a check on the other three.

Political Parties in Icaris

Traditionalist Party

The Traditionalist Party of Icaris is one of two dominant political parties in the nation. Many of the nation's founding fathers were aligned with the Traditionalist Party. The party has changed agenda's over the __ years of its existence, but tends to be the more conservative, Nanti-influenced, and less governmental regulation party. However, in recent years the party's stance on government regulation has largely switched with the Libertist Party, however, both parties have become increasingly in favor of government control. All but one of Icarisian president's have been a member of the Traditionalist Party (President Thomas Papillion was officially an Independent).

Libertist Party


1 year of cmpulsory military service for those born in the year 2020 and after upon turning age 18. Interviewed and tested by the branches and recruited by a service. After service there is a education stipend for higher education.

International Politics and Agreements



Tourism heavy in Paletaph, Laporinza, Avalon Sports are heavy in Laporinza Manufacturing base in Hercules, Avalon Business hub is Eskimone



Low rates of alcoholism and tobacco use


Elementary, middle, and high schools are regulated by the individual states. In each state there is a Secretary of Education. The Secretary serves at the pleasure of the State Minister and is responsible for overseeing the state's education system. In most primary schools in Icaris, schooling is free but not offered via the state. Rather, they operate what are known as Liberty Schools. The first Liberty Schools were founded during the fallout and quarantine period after the Great War. Liberty Schools were private, individualistic schools that focused on small groups learning in ways that suited them best. The Liberty School concept was adopted at-large in the nation. There are many different Liberty Schools to choose from, many linking themselves to each other based on teaching and curriculum method. The State government has oversight over education through the Secretary of Education by providing funding and approving licenses for school operations. Since its foundation, laws and practices in Icaris have grown to increase regulation of Liberty Schools in attempts to establish national standards for education. The Schools continue to enjoy a high level of autonomy despite these efforts.

Education in Icaris is fairly progressive in terms of structure. Higher education is research, creative, and programs give lots of autonomy to students. This allows students to finish both graduate and undergraduate programs in varying times.


Born after 2020, classified as Icarisian in ethnicity, but still fall under race categories. If born before 2020, racial category is classified the same as ethnicity.

SubVolnerian Waldoccian North Urshawan South Urshawan Krystallic


Nanti Muhadism Gerardianism





Icaris is known for it's wealthy and competitive soccer league, based out of the state of Laporinza, but with a presence in all states of Icaris. The leading football league in Icaris is the Blue and White Football Association, founded by Abdul Abed, and Urshawan investor.


Icarisian media is one of the few businesses that does not have monopoly or heavy regulations. Levi Shamir established a firm belief in the media (a journalist himself) as a check on the government and therefore gvoernment regulation of the media is sparse. Icarisian Broadcasting Corporation is the largest media conglomerate in Icaris, run by the Lark family.


First Monday of the New Year The first Monday of January in the new year of an election year is typically celebrated. Domestic politics is very important to Icarisians and this day is usually for engaging in community and discussing important issues. Many people celebrate the incumbant party's candidacy file opening on the first Monday. All other party filings begin on the first Tuesday of the new year.
Holy Week of Liberation This is the last week of July and it encompasses a time of prayer, fasting, honor, giving thanks, and ends with a celebratory parade and feast at the end of the week. Most Icarisians do not work during this week. This week was adopted into Nanti tradition from Muhadist tradition, however, the Muhadis take the fasting and sabbath more seriously during the week than Nantis. Most Nantis do not acknowledge the observance of the Muhadist fasting week that occurs during the same time.
Constitution or Foundation Day October 4 is Constitution/Foundation Day, celebrating when, on October 4, 2021, the Icarisian Constitutional Convention passed the Constitution, forming the new nation. This is one of the largest celebrations in the nation.

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