The Quebecshire City Times

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The Quebecshirite City Times
"Bringing the news from home to Lyoa!"
Front page of the Quebecshire City Times on July 16, 2020
TypeDaily newspaper
PublisherQuébecor, Inc.
HeadquartersNew Bostonia, Lyoa
CityNew Bostonia

The Quebecshire City Times (QCT ) (Quebecshirite: Les Temps du Quebecshire) is a Quebecshirite owned newspaper that publishes in the Quebecshirite communities of Lyoa, primarily in New Bostonia. The newspaper is owned by the Quebecshirite corporation Québecor, Inc. It generally reports on happenings in Quebecshire, or global happenings related to Quebecshire and its relationship to Lyoa. Sections of the paper also cover local news or other categories of current events, and occassionally feature opinion sections. The newspaper is published primarily in the Lyoan language.

The Quebecshire City Times are generally regarded as one of the more trustworthy and free media outlets in Lyoa.