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The Grand Republic of The League

Emblem of The League
Official languagesNone official
None official[1]
• Consul
• Consul
East Yourtanad
LegislatureCouncil of the Republic
• Established
17 April 2016[2]
14 May 2019[3]
• 2021 estimate
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
-187.115 quintillion Leaguecredits
• Per capita
-1.356 quintillion Leaguecredits
Gini (2021)Negative increase 100[lower-alpha 1]
very high
HDI (2021)Increase .901
very high
Time zoneAMT-5 (EST (unofficial))
• Summer (DST)
AMT-4 (EDT (unofficial))
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY

The League, officially known as The Grand Republic of The League, previously known as The League of Conservative Nations, and sometimes abbreviated as TL, is a region on NationStates of more than 160 nations. The League of Conservative Nations (LCN) was originally founded on 17 April 2016 by Adawn and Quebecshire as a breakaway from the Great Conservative Alliance. After almost five years of active government, the region's community relocated to The League on 21 March 2021.[2]

The League's government is based on the region's fourth constitution. It is a semi-democratic government consisting of a democratically nominated and approved Council and an unelected Consulate of three Consuls, one whom is the Chief Consul, who are all equal in power.[3] The League has several additional institutions including the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Defense, the League's Defense Forces, the Office of the Archivist of the Republic, and the Office of the World Assembly Delegate. The League also has an active roleplay and wiki.


Quebecshire, as proven through an archived telegram, came up with the original name The League of Conservative Nations. After several years, the region had become more ideologically diverse, with centrist, liberal, and left-wing members increasing in government and in general. The LCN government decided in 2021 to move to The League because the conservative label no longer reflected the goals or overall ideology of the region and likely hindered recruitment efforts.


Establishment era

Defined as the time between the founding of the region and its first lasting constitution.

Anti-Nagarno coup

ACN succession

First government

The first government of The League was the government between Sunday, June 19, 2016, which was the ratification of the Icaris Constitution, to Friday December 9, 2016, when the first constitution lost precedence.

Second government

A period from December 9, 2016, to September 12, 2017 defined by the adoption of the 2nd Constitution and the ratification of the 3rd Constitution.

LCN-CLA Conflict

The Conservative Liberty Alliance was formed by members of the Conservative Freedom Alliance who were angered by the referendum to merge with the LCN. The region was raided multiple times by the LCNAF.

Third government

Fourth government

UCN-LCN conflict

Nagarno was tried for attempting voter importation, and on his expulsion, he formed his own region, the United Conservative Nations[4]. In response to the UCN's creation, Spode created the Fighting For Us discord server.

Soon after, government officials joined after API telegrams to the LCN from the UCN continued, unabated in spite of a UCN guarantee of the contrary. Within the LCN's government, the council was recalled, Fandom was recalled as Prime Minister, Eminople was elected to the post of Prime Minister, and regional political parties fixated on a strong response to the UCN's actions.

Towards the end of the LCN-UCN war, the UCN's parliamentary government had revolted, the royal assembly had been infiltrated, and over 30 nations within the region were LCN-controlled puppet accounts. Operation Iron Justice, set up by the consulate and then PM Eminople, tagged the region. After a few weeks, the region ceased to exist, and was refounded by Quebecshire.

Farkasfalkan conflict

The Gentlemen's Coalition developed a plan, known as Operation Indonesia, to attack Farkasfalka and seize their regional delegacy on their region's birthday. This raid, as well as a follow up attack on The First Imperial Battalion, were successfully executed[5]. Farkasfalka still stands today however. Since the minimum terms of the original war were never met by Farkasfalka, which were that Farkasfalka must abandon its pursuit of R/D gameplay, and a government admission of the reality of the holocaust, a state of war still existed between the LCN and Farkasfalka.[6] But neither side was actively (or at least publicly) pursuing military actions against one another.

On February 19th 2021, the Farkas discord was permanently closed by Discord's Trust & Safety Team, and at least one high ranking official had their discord deleted.[7][8] This incident forced Farkasfalka to regroup on other platforms. The LCN's (later, The League's) war against the region ended alongside the entity of Farkasfalka, as it was burnt in the 2021 Nazi Purges.[9]

LCN-FCN disturbances

A series of spamming incidents on the LCN RMB, at times requiring moderator intervention, drove the two regions apart[10][11]. In a separate incident, the FCN Secretary of War, CoT, tried to falsely defect to the LCN. Instead of trying to coup the FCN, the LCN immediately reported it to Gagium, resulting CoT losing his position and further destabilizing the FCN's fragile government[12][13]. After Nexus left the LCN for the Federation of Conservative Nations, the LCN's authorized espionage against the region. This espionage, and its reveal following the dismissal of the acting Director of the LCNIA for misconduct, constituted a major scandal[14][15].

Layem skirmish

Official diplomatic ties between Layem and the LCN were cut after a dispute arising over the LCN's planned alignment with Enadia. After this, Layem's acting foreign affairs minister, Maur, engaged in a brief spamming campaign against the LCN's discord server[16]. The spam varied from the rather innocuous (although annoying) "Hail Layem", to more serious rulebreaking material, such as swastikas and the n-word.

Around a year later, Randolph, a member of Layem in a position related to military affairs, attempted to impersonate an official from The Free Nations Region[17]. In regards to the matter, the Layamese government described this as a "a mild offense", punishing Randolph by restricting him from future government positions under Layem's current administration[18]. After the confrontation, a number of further spam incidents on the LCN's discord server occurred, suspected to still be Randolph. A variety of accounts entered the LCN discord server, spamming phrases ranging from "WHITE TRASH LOSERS", "WE WILL INFILTRATE THE LCN", to "I HAVE RETURNED" (in reference to Nagarno, who Randolph also attempted to impersonate). All of these accounts were banned in turn, and the matter was resolved.

Move to The League


Current governance

Council of the Republic

The Council of the Republic is the legislative body of the LCN. The Council is made up of Council Delegates (marked by a purple flair on the LCN's Discord), and there can be as many delegates on the council as go through the election process. The election process is made of two steps- Nomination and confirmation. First, a citizen must be nominated by three other citizens for a specific term length. Next, a sheet of all nominations is put forth to a public poll, where the general public can approve or contest the nominations. If the sheet is contested, then the person contesting will be asked to provide reasoning behind their contest. If that reason is a valid concern, then the nomination may be removed. After being elected, delegates serve for an either one or two month term (although they may be removed for serious misconduct, or may step down from the position).

Consulate of the Republic

The Consulate of the LCN is a set of three unelected leaders, known as consuls, who exercise collective judiciary and executive power. While position is permanent, a consul may be removed for serious misconduct, or can step down from their position. There have been five ex-consuls. Three resigned (one being unwelcome shortly thereafter), one was dismissed, and one was removed. There have been three Chief Consuls of the Republic, with Quebecshire serving over three years in the position, Terranihil holding it for a somewhat shorter period, and Creeper now serving as the incumbent.

Other institutions

Prior governance


The presidency existed as a position between the time before their even was a ratified constitution and fourth constitution. Before there was a constitution, the powers, limitations, and responsibilities of the presidency were undefined.

Vice Presidency

The Speaker of the Senate

Chief Justice

Regional Attorney

Foreign affairs

Emblem of the Foreign Affairs Department

The League, like most regions on NationStates, has relations between itself, other regions, and the interregional community at large. Today, foreign affairs of the Republic are handled by the Foreign Affairs Office, in which diplomats are assigned as official envoys of the region by the Director of Foreign Affairs, described as directing inter-regional policy through management of the department.[19]

Current treaties

Treaty of Sarpedos 8 July Accords

Former treaties

Current interregional organizational memberships


Libcord is an interregional defending organization that the League's LDF has participated with for 482+ updates, mostly conducted post 2021. The predecessor to the LDF worked with the organization in 2017 for a relatively small number of updates.

Partnership for Sovereignty

Former interregional organizational memberships

Former Logo of the Foreign Affairs Department

Pro Life International

Pro-Life International, or PLI, was an interregional organization aimed at mobilizing pro-life regions' R/D activities. Originally joined by the LCN on May 7th, 2016, the LCN withdrew from PLI on September 12th, 2017, in an RMB announcement made by then president Icaris. The cited reason was "[W]e feel this organization does no longer serve our regional interests".[20] While PLI has not been officially dissolved, its last military action was conducted in 2016, and it is generally considered defunct.


FORGE was a interregional military organization that described its goals as "to protect our allies and prosper in unity".[21] The LCN joined FORGE on March 28th.[22]. Throughout the course of FORGE, members of the LCN served in various positions of the organization. Andrew Du served as Deputy of Military Affairs, with Quebecshire serving first as the Public Relations officer, and later as Chancellor. The alliance of FORGE was plagued by ambiguity about its core functions, and the ill-fortunes of member regions. Of the 20 member regions that signed up, only three have avoided inactivity or death[23]. A vote was eventually launched to officially disband FORGE, and seeing the decayed status of the organization, then Chancellor Quebecshire withdrew the LCN from FORGE[24][25].

Gentlemen's Coalition

The Gentlemen's Coalition was a R/D partnership between the LCN, the FCN, the Republic of Free Nations, and Redlandia, which participated in several raids against fascists on NS. The coalition eventually fell apart amid tensions between the LCN and FCN. The governments of the Republic of Free Nations, and Redlandia are defunct, while the FCN's legal successor is the Republic of Conservative Nations.

Historic isolationism

SWORD Negotiation Ballot
Ballot from the failed SWORD Referendum

The foreign affairs of the LCN could be mostly defined as a continuous cycle of building diplomatic ties, those ties breaking, followed by a period of isolationism. Overall, the LCN has rejected a number of interregional partnerships in favor of retaining regional sovereignty. These rejections have come from both the government (in the form of the Icaris administration's departure from PLI, a sphere of influence dominated by the region Right to Life) as well as the citizenry, in a number of referendums[26][27][28][29]. The roots of this can be found in Icaris's 2016 run for president, where one of his platforms was 'localism' (known more broadly on NationStates as regionalism)[30].

2021 Diplomatic revitalization


Current structure

Former structure

Originally established as almost a separate entity from the government, the military of the LCN was gradually put under the control of the presidency. Eventually, the military was split into two separate branches, with the Homeland Security Agency serving as security service for handling domestic threats, whereas the Armed Forces served for taking on foreign enemies.

In later times, the LCN military was reestablished through a bill written by Neo Polisophos.[31] The structure of the League's military consisted of a Director of Defense who acted as both an advisor and as a commander. Within the League's Defense Administration, LDA, the director managed two branches, known as the League Intelligence Agency LIA, and the League's Defense Forces LDF.



Real world political advocacy


  1. The actual Gini of The League is -6.411.


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