Terranilian Resistance

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Terranilian Resistance
Participant in The Troubles
Flag of ZZW (Jewish Military Union).svg
The flag of the Resistance.
Active2020 - present
Motive(s)Assist Malgans in escaping Terranihil
Area of operationsFlag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil
ColoursWhite and light blue
Opponent(s)Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil VA flag.png Vigilant Atheists
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Flag terranihil new 2.png Terranihil

The Terranilian Resistance (Terranilian: Senbertoisia), or simply the Resistance, is a movement that attempts to save Malgans from the ongoing Malgan ethnic cleansing. It is a loosely organized network of Terranilians who hide Malgans, help them escape Terranihil, publish underground newspapers and sabatoge government efforts. The Resistance is mostly unarmed, though instances of guerilla warfare against the Terranilian government have been reported. The men and women of the Resistance come from all religions, ethnicities, economic levels, and political leanings of Terranilian society, including students, academics, aristocrats, Christians, Muslims, atheists, Póniepans, liberals, anarchists and communists.

The Resistance is distinct from other rebels or insurgents in Terranihil in that it has no defined structure or ideology. The movement operates as a loose connection of individuals who are able to hide Malgans or smuggle them out of Terranihil to Greater Sacramento or Malgax. There is no known leader of the Resistance though some members have risen to fame for their contributions. The movement also does not have a set ideology, other than the common belief in saving the lives of Malgans. The Resistance is also distinct in its lack militarization.

The Resistance mainly operates in eastern Terranihil where the Malgan population was most concentrated. Several citizens called "keepers" maintain "safehouses" that hide Malgans until they can be safely smuggled out. Some Resistance members secretely carry Malgans across the border; however, the movement mainly relies on the Kortan Yem, the Terranilian mafia, to move Malgans out if they are paid properly.





Communists and socialists





Underground railroad

Clandestine press



Guerilla warfare

Foreign involvement