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All parameters:

{{Portal maintenance status |{{subst:DATE}} |subpages= |nonstandard= |broken= |incomplete= |upgrade= |manual= |maintainer1= |maintainer2= |maintainer3= |maintainer4= |note=}}

Include the following parameters if they are applicable; otherwise, omit the parameter (or set to no)

  • |manual=yes (or any other value): Portal is manually maintained. You should specify at least one maintainer using the |maintainer[1-4]= parameter.
  • |nonstandard=yes (or any other value): Portal has a nonstandard layout
  • |incomplete=yes (or any other value): Portal is under construction or incomplete
  • |upgrade=yes (or any other value): Portal needs upgrading. Use the |note= field to elaborate.
  • |broken= Portal has issues needing attention. Use the |note= field to elaborate.
    Set to yes, major or serious: for portals that have errors or major problems, such as Lua timeouts, template parsing limits exceeded, or completely wrecked layout
    Set to minor, access or layout: for portals that have minor problems, such as accessibility issues or minor layout issues

The following parameters should be populated, where possible:

  • |date= Date of last template update
  • |maintainer[1-4]=Example: Used to specify users who look after the portal in question.
  • |subpages= Subpage triage status
    Set to untriaged or yes (or leave unset) if the subpages have not yet been checked.
    Once a portal's subpages have been checked, set to:
    checked or triaged or keep (or any other value): if any unneeded subpages have been removed.
    none or single or singlepage or no: if the portal has a single page layout (no subpages exist).

This template can also hold miscellaneous notes:

  • |note=Text goes here: to record notes in plain text or even wikitext markup.


When in portal space, this template populates the following hidden categories (or their subcategories):


By default, this template produces no visible output when in portal space.

  • To show hidden categories, enable that setting in your preferences ("Appearance" tab, checkbox under "Advanced options")
  • To show a message box like the examples below, add the following line to your personal CSS:
    div.portal-maintenance-status { display:block !important }
  • Alternatively, the messages may be viewed on portal talk pages, inside the {{WikiProject Portals}} banner (which automatically transcludes them)


{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|maintainer1=Example}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|manual=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|broken=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|broken=minor}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|nonstandard=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|incomplete=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|subpages=checked}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|subpages=none}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|upgrade=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|update=yes}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|note=This is a test note.}}

{{Portal maintenance status|date=May 2021|manual=yes|maintainer1=Example|broken=yes|nonstandard=yes|incomplete=yes|subpages=checked|note=(some lorem text, you get the idea)}}

How to update the maintenance information for a portal

To change the maintenance information for a portal:

  1. Edit the portal using source editor (edit source tab on the portal)
  2. In the first few lines of the edit box there should be this template ({{Portal maintenance status}})
  3. Edit the parameters of this template to change the information as needed; what each parameter does is described above in #Usage

See also

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools; see the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Portal maintenance status

<templatedata> { "params": { "manual": { "label": "Manually maintained", "example": "manual=yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no", "description": "Mark portals that are manually maintained" }, "broken": { "label": "Broken", "description": "Mark portals with errors or layout issues needing attention", "example": "broken=yes, broken=minor", "type": "string", "default": "(empty)" }, "nonstandard": { "label": "Non-standard", "example": "nonstandard=yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no", "description": "Mark portals with significantly unique layout or markup" }, "date": { "label": "Date", "description": "Date of template placement", "type": "date", "suggested": true, "example": "date=April 2018, date={{subst:DATE}}" }, "subpages": { "label": "Subpages", "description": "Subpage triage status", "example": "subpages=single, subpages=triaged", "type": "string", "default": "untriaged", "suggested": true }, "incomplete": { "label": "Incomplete", "description": "Mark portals that are incomplete or under construction", "example": "incomplete=yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no" }, "embed": { "label": "Embed", "description": "Used to embed this template in the WikiProject Portals banner", "example": "embed=yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no" }, "note": { "label": "Additional Note", "description": "Free-form notes field, can accept wikitext.", "example": "note=This is a test note.", "type": "string", "default": "(empty)", "aliases": [ "notes" ] }, "maintainer": { "label": "Portal Maintainer", "description": "Name of primary portal maintainer. Marks the portal as manually maintained.", "example": "maintainer=Example", "type": "wiki-user-name", "default": "(empty)", "suggested": true, "aliases": [ "maintainer1" ] }, "maintainer2": { "label": "Portal Maintainer 2", "description": "See 'maintainer'", "type": "wiki-user-name", "default": "(empty)" }, "maintainer3": { "label": "Portal Maintainer 3", "description": "See 'maintainer'", "type": "wiki-user-name", "default": "(empty)" }, "maintainer4": { "label": "Portal Maintainer 4", "description": "See 'maintainer'", "type": "wiki-user-name", "default": "(empty)" } }, "description": "Hidden notice box used to record portal maintenance metadata", "format": "inline", "paramOrder": [ "manual", "broken", "nonstandard", "subpages", "incomplete", "date", "embed", "note", "maintainer", "maintainer2", "maintainer3", "maintainer4" ] } </templatedata>