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This article concerns the systems of telecommunication in Tirol. Tirol has a highly developed and efficient telephone network, and has a number of radio and television broadcast stations.


The telephone system is highly developed and efficient. Fibre-optic coverage is fairly limited though rapidly expanding, currently limited to the principal cities and the central valleys of each province. A full range of telephone and internet services are available via the network.


  • International calling code: 101

Fixed line phones

  • 10.2 million fixed line phones

The majority of fixed lines are analogue with the remainder being digital.

Fixed-line subscribership has been falling since the 1990s, with the Tiroler government pursuing an active policy of transition to mobile phones and deconstruction of phone lines to promote natural beauty and tourism.

Mobile phones

  • 29 million mobile phone lines in use

The Tiroler mobile phone market is highly competitive with generally low rates compared to neighbouring Quebecshire. Due to the geographical structures of Tirol (mountains, lakes, flat coastal land) it is often used as a "testing range" for new services. Mobile number portability was introduced in 2001, allowing users to retain their mobile phone numbers when switching between network operators.



  • 40 internet service providers (ISPs), organised in the local ISP association, Internet Service Providers Tirol.
  • 24 million internet users, roughly 4/5 of the population.
  • 7 million fixed broadband subscriptions
  • 16 million mobile subscriptions

The country code for Tirol is "TIR", the country code top level domain is ".tir", ".tirol" is also sometimes used.

".dispruch" and ".iad" is a top level domain for sites with a connection to the Tiroler capital Innsbruck.

The main ISP in Tirol is Telekom Tirol in which the state is majority shareholder, other smaller providers have been established which offer premium services, however uptake is limited.

Radio and television

  • There are 8 AM and 240 FM radio broadcast stations in addition to hundreds of FM repeaters.
  • As of 2000, there were 23 million radios in Tirol.
  • There are 60 broadcast television stations, with in excess of 3000 repeaters.

The largest broadcasting corporations are:

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