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Telecommunications in Creeperopolis include radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the internet, centered primarily around the capital, San Salvador.


Creeperopolis has several television channels. Channels 1 through 36 are fixed and the same throughout every department of Creeperopolis. Channels 37 and above vary from department to department, usually showing local programing and local news.

Television stations

Logo Station Content Operator
Canal Uno Canal Uno Weather Creeperopolis National Weather Service
Canal Dos Canal Dos News Gaceta Creeperiano
Canal Tres Children's Entertainment Univisión
Canal Cuatro Canal Cuatro Sports (Football) Liga Imperial
Canal Cinco Canal Cinco Children's Entertainment Televisa
Canal Seis Canal Seis Documentaries (History) Univisión
Canal Siete Canal Siete Documentaries (Politics) Univisión
Canal Ocho Canal Ocho Religion (Creeperian Catholicism) Agape TV
Canal Nueve Canal Nueve Documentaries (Science) Univisión
Canal Diez Canal Diez News Creeperian Initiative
Canal Once Canal Once Movies (Adults) Televisa
Canal Doce Canal Doce News Creeperian Government
Canal Trece Canal Trece Sports (Baseball) Creeperian National Baseball Association
Canal Catorce Canal Catorce Documentaries (Religion) Univisión
Canal Quince Canal Quince Movies (Adults) Univisión
Canal Dieciséis Home Design Univisión
Canal Diecisiete Cooking Univisión
Canal Dieciocho Shopping Univisión
Canal Diecinueve Canal Diecinueve Council of Viceroys Creeperian Government
Canal Beinte Canal Beinte Adult's Entertainment Televisa
Canal Beintiuno Canal Beintiuno Council of Captain Generals Creeperian Government
Canal Beintidos Canal Beintidos Cooking Televisa
Canal Beintitres Home Design Televisa
Canal Beinticuatro Shopping Televisa
Canal Beinticinco Documentaries (Religion) Televisa
Canal Beintiséis Canal Beintiséis Documentaries (Politics) Televisa
Canal Beintisiete Documentaries (Science) Televisa
Canal Beintiocho Documentaries (History) Televisa
Canal Beintnueve Sports (Football) Segunda División, Tercera División
Canal Treinta Sports (Football) National Football Association
Canal Treinta y Uno Adult's Entertainment Univisión
Canal Treinta y Dos Adult's Entertainment Univisión
Canal Treinta y Tres Canal Treinta y Tres News Creeperian Government
Canal Treinta y Cuatro Movies (Children) Univisión
Canal Treinta y Cinco Movies (Children) Televisa
Canal Treinta y Seis Canal Treinta y Seis Adult's Entertainment Televisa


The calling code of Creeperopolis is +503. The calling codes of El Salvador and the State of the Church are +5 and +502, respectively.

Telephone companies

Logo Company % share
LogoClaro2017.png Claro 60%
Logo Tigo.svg Tigo 40%


Creeperopolis' top level internet domain is .cr.

Television rating system

The following are Creeperopolis' television ratings:

Rating Creeperian Spanish Translation Age range When can be transmitted
T Todos All All ages All day
Na Niños a Children a 2–7 3:00pm–8:00pm (weekdays)
7:00am–8:00pm (weekends)
Nb Niños b Children b 8–13 3:00pm–9:00pm (weekdays)
6:00am–9:00pm (weekends)
M Mayores Majors 14+ All day
A Adultos Adults 18+ All day
SA Solo Adultos Only Adults 21+ 11:00pm–5:00am

The following are additional indicators which may be added along with the television rating:

Indicator Creeperian Spanish Translation Notes
D Deportes Sports Only applies to T rated programs.
V Violencia Violence Only allowed in M, A, and SA rated programs
VF Violencia de Fantasía Fantasy Violence Generally only applies to Nb.
P Palabrotas Bad Language Only allowed in M, A, and SA rated programs.
DG Drogas Drugs Only allowed in M, A, and SA rated programs.
DS Desnudez Nudity Only allowed in A and SA rated programs.

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