TCN Resolution 030

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TCN Security Council
Resolution 030
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DateOctober 5, 2020
Meeting no.23
CodeS/RES/2020-19[1] ([ Document])
SubjectProtection of the Southern Amanople Ocean and Sequoyan laborers
Voting summary
  • 12 voted for
  • 2 voted against
  • 4 abstained
  • 1 absent
Security Council composition

TCN Security Council Resolution 030, officially called Protection of the Southern Almanople Ocean Environment and of Labourers in Sequoyah Through Appropriate Sanctions (030), was approved by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on October 5, 2020.



To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: Terraconserva Economic Union and Cooperation and Development Coalition Caucus


  • Remembering the recent events in Sequoyah in which their own government published a document detailing crippling negligence to a warehouse of over five-hundred involuntary labourers,
  • Skeptical about the ability of the Sequoyan government to retain adequate regulation and control over its corporate activities to prevent involuntary or abusive labour management,
  • Believing there needs to be a further information probationary period of the Sequoyan state before certain high-risk economic activities can be participated in globally,
  • Disappointed at the attempts to exploit the Sequoyan inability to reform stable markets by certain member states,
  • Frightened at the possibility of an environmental catastrophe in the region due to poor management or insufficient technology,
  • Seeking to enforce these regulations and orders not only for the sake of labourers, but for the sake of the Almanople Ocean, the southern region in particular, and the nearby states


  • Establishes an embargo on any petroleum activities relating to the Constitutional Republic of Sequoyah, including but not limited to the following,
    • Purchase from or sale to of any equipment for land or sea drilling.
    • Purchase from or sale to of any petroleum in a refined or unrefined state.
  • Stipulates that these sanctions shall be re-evaluated by the Council of Nations by a follow-up Security Council session on April 4, 2021. If they are renewed, they will continue to be re-evaluated every six months,
  • Hereby codifies the above statutes and declares the sanctions within this document as international law.


  1. "Protection of the Southern Almanople Ocean Environment and of Labourers in Sequoyah Through Appropriate Sanctions (Resolution)".