TCN Resolution 028

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TCN Security Council
Resolution 028
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Logo of the TCN
DateSeptember 20, 2020
Meeting no.21
CodeS/RES/2020-17[1] ([ Document])
SubjectRepealing sanctions on Sequoyah
Voting summary
  • 1 voted for
  • 17 voted against
  • 1 abstained
ResultVetoed by Eminople, Greater Sacramento, and Quebecshire
Security Council composition

TCN Security Council Resolution 028, officially called Repeal of TCN Resolution 019 - Condemnation of Sequoyah and Sanctions (028), was rejected by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on Setpember 20, 2020.



To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: Republic of Sequoyah


  • Noting that the Sequoyan state had previously recognized involuntary servitude and that TCN Resolution 019 was created to combat this action,
  • Recognizing that involuntary servitude has been made illegal in Sequoyah,
  • Acknowledging the actions taken by the Government of Sequoyah are eliminating illegal involuntary servitude,
  • Noting the compensation provided to those formerly held in servitude and future compensation to be provided by Sequoyah,
  • Further noting that Sequoyah must be opened to international trade to preserve its stability and encourage human development,


  • Hereby forbids the allowance of involuntary servitude by the states of Terraconserva and repeals TCN resolution #019.


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