TCN Resolution 024

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TCN Security Council
Resolution 024
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DateJune 6, 2020
Meeting no.17
CodeS/RES/2020-15[1] ([ Document])
SubjectMalgan ethnic cleanising
Voting summary
  • 4 voted for
  • 6 voted against
  • 8 abstained
ResultVetoed by Quebecshire
Security Council composition

TCN Security Council Resolution 024, officially called On the Maltreatment of Specific Individuals in Terranihil (024), was rejected by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on June 3, 2020.



To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: Republic of Paleocacher, the Greater Empire of Koryo


  • Defines ‘maltreatment’ as the systematic detention and abuse of individuals of a specific ethnic group,
  • Noting that private press releases containing interviews of Malgans and many others propose significant proof of maltreatment against Malgans within Terranihil,
  • Also Noting that a former resolution on the similar issue (TCNSC/2020/A/RES/17) has failed because of the lack of substantial evidence,
  • Also recognizing that the specific maltreatment of a particular ethnic race is a crime against humanity and must be countermanded by this Council by all means,


  • Defines the maltreatment of Specific Individuals in Terranihil as ‘the maltreatment of ethnic Malgans in Terranihil for future documentations,
  • Authorizes and mandates the launch of TCN investigations into Terranihil within the parameters stated in TCNSC/2020/A/RES/17,
  • Strongly urges the Republic of Terranihil to immediately cease and desist the maltreatment of ethnic Malgans within their borders.


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