TCN Resolution 019

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TCN Security Council
Resolution 019
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DateApril 31, 2020
Meeting no.15
CodeS/RES/2020-12[1] ([ Document])
SubjectLegalization of slavery in Sequoyah
Voting summary
  • 19 voted for
  • 1 voted against
  • 1 abstained
Security Council composition

TCN Security Council Resolution 019, officially called Condemnation of Sequoyah and Sanctions (019), was adopted by the Terraconserva Council of Nations Security Council on April 31, 2020.



To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations

Sponsored By: Terraconserva Economic Union Council of Nations Caucus


  • Noting the legalization of involuntary service and the trade of labourers in Sequoyah,
  • Disgusted at the actions taken by Sequoyan corporations to kidnap natives and force them into slavery,
  • Appalled at Sequoyan corporations and their attempts to purchase natives from their own communities,
  • Sickened at the support of these initiatives yielded by the Sequoyan government,
  • Resolving that action against Sequoyah is necessary to mitigate both these abhorrent policies and any benefits the elites in Sequoyah may gain from them.


  • Condemns the Republic of Sequoyah for their actions in legalizing involuntary servitude,
  • Forbids the allowance of involuntary servitude and slavery by the states of Terraconserva,
  • Prohibits the purchase of any goods or services from Sequoyah that were produced or supplied either fully or in part by involuntary labour,
  • Requests to the Terraconservan Cup that should Sequoyah use involuntary labour for any goods or services relating to the competition, that they are expelled from competing indefinitely.
  • Suggests the Council of Nations consider further action should Sequoyah not rectify their injustices.
  • Hereby condemns and sanctions the Republic of Sequoyah.


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