Creeperian Airlines Flight 1113

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TACA Flight 1113
Date14 March 1983
SummaryFrente NEPOC bombing of commercial airliner
SiteSouthern Ocean
Aircraft typeMaroto Botín MB-10-10
Aircraft nameAdolfo I
Call signTACA 1113
Flight originCámarillo
DestinationFort Handel

TACA Flight 1113 was an international flight operated by Air Transports of Creeperopolis and Atlántida (TACA), now known as Creeperian Airlines, traveling from Cámarillo, Creeperopolis, to Fort Handel, New Gandor. On 14 March 1983, the flight was bombed by the Norental-Esclaveta-Pescante-Orisla-Colón Front (Frente NEPOC) as a part of its terrorist bombing campaign during the San Carlos Islands Crisis. The flight was accidentally bombed, as the bag the bomb was hidden in was loaded on Flight 1113 by mistake. The intended target was TACA Flight 711 from Cámarillo to San Romero.


The cause of the accident was unknown. The primary belief was that the plane was brought down by a bomb. The National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) stated the day following the incident that "a NEPOC bombing is the most likely reason." In April 1983, the aircraft's black boxes were recovered but the data provided nothing useful, being cut off abruptly. On 19 April 1983, seven members of Frente NEPOC were arrested in Cámarillo after a shooting occurred in which 6 people were killed. One of them, who was involved in the bombing, admitted that Frente NEPOC was involved in bombing the flight but that TACA Flight 711 had been the intended target. On 21 April 1983, the DINA officially concluded that the flight was "accidentally" bombed by Frente NEPOC as a part of its terrorist campaign against the Creeperian government and stated that the bomb was accidentally put onto Flight 1113 instead of Flight 711. Frente NEPOC denied all involvement in the bombing and accused the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement (MRKA) of having carried out the bombing.


In the bombing, 265 people were killed. Of those killed, 165 were citizens of New Gandor. The bombing directly lead to New Gandor's involvement in the San Carlos Islands Crisis in support of the Creeperian government against Frente NEPOC and the other militant groups fighting for separation.


Official government reactions
  •  CreeperopolisJosé Yagüe Rosales, the then Captain General of the San Carlos Islands, stated the day following the bombing, "This terrorist attack on a civilian airliner is absolutely unacceptable and must be condemned. No human being can possibly justify this immoral attack on innocent lives; only a subhuman can justify such an attack. Our prayers go out to all the families of the victims, and to the victims themselves, that they may see God and accompany Him in paradise. We send no such prayers to those who carried out this attack; may Baphomet take them to Hell."
  • New Gandor – From the office of the President given the information from Creeperopolis "It pains me to say that an event we thought was a tragic accident was not as such. An old wound has been reopened, learning that a civilian plane was eliminated as if it were nothing more than a pest. My fellow Gandorians, I am enraged along with you and vow to take just action against Frente NEPOC and it's allies. The Gandorian war machine has been awoken, and the forces of Frente NEPOC and other terrorist organizations in San Carlos Islands will feel it's wrath. Starting today we ally with Creeperopolis and will combat these terrorists. God bless those fallen, and God bless New Gandor."
Militant reactions
  • Frente NEPOC – Frente NEPOC leadership released a statement following the publishing of the DINA's investigation stating, "The soldiers of the Norental-Esclaveta-Pescante-Orisla-Colón Front have absolutely no involvement with this unacceptable attack on a civilian airliner. There is no evidence to link us to this bombing. The Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement is the true culprit behind this attack, and may the international community see this truth as well."
  • MRKA – Following the bombing, Kapuni Halia, the leader of the Kapahu Alana Revolutionary Movement, stated, "This attack on innocent civilians is absolutely unacceptable and we deny any and all involvement with this attack. It is clear and obvious that the far-right extremists of Frente NEPOC are responsible for this crime." Following the Frente NEPOC announcement accusing the the MRKA of the attack, Halia again denounced Frente NEPOC as terrorists.
  • CR-JHPM – Following the bombing, the leaders of the Juan Horacio Palafox Mendoza Revolutionary Council stated, "We wholeheartedly condemn this attack on innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the ongoing fighting. This is a war against the tyrannical government, not innocent civilians. Attacking civilian targets is not the way forward in opposition to San Salvador."

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