Stratocratic Authority

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Stratocratic Authority

Stratokrata Aŭtoritato
Cult of the Nation
Political positionRight-wing
International affiliationInternational Patriotic League
Authority's Legislature
100 / 100

The Stratocratic Authority (Rakeoian: Stratokrata Aŭtoritato; abbreviated SA) is the ruling organization of the country of Rakeo. It consists of a central Directory of War, with authority delegated to numerous subdirectories.

Nacia Kultado

Nacia Kultado, or “State Worship” seeked to place the national spirit as a component of the religious faith of the population. The ideology was instituted as military forces took hold over Eastern territories. Nacia Kultado’s founding principles included a rejection of leftist influences within the church, a dislike of the liberalization of the Theocratic Rakeoian Republic, and a desire for revenge against the perpetrators of the Deltinian Humiliation.

Over time, the ideology has evolved to become more pragmatic.

Official documentation

Most legal documents within Rakeo are not published in the world at large.