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Population771.36 million
GDP (nominal)₵20.38 trillion
GDP per capita₵26,420.87
ReligionsPredominantly Christian, mostly Catholicism
Countries7 countries
Time zonesAMT–1 to AMT–7
Calling code+5
Largest citiesLargest cities in Sur

Sur is a continent located entirely in the southern and western hemispheres. It is surrounded to the north by the Alzanub Sea, the east by the Bay of Salvador and the Senvarian Sea, and the south and west by the Southern Ocean. The continent includes seven countries: Cospania, Creeperopolis, El Salvador, Rakeo, Salisford, Sequoyah, and the State of the Church.

The continent has an estimated population of 771.36 million. Creeperopolis is by far the most populous country in Sur, followed in descending order by Cospania, Salisford, Sequoyah, Rakeo, El Salvador, and the State of the Church. The continent's combined GDP is ₵20.38 trillion, over half of which is contributed to by Creeperopolis alone.

Due to the significant influence of Ecrosian cultures between 2,100 and 1,300 years ago, most nations in Sur speak an Ayreoshubic language. Despite the significant Ecrosian linguistic influence, Sur has remained mostly independent throughout history, with the only significant Ecrosian colonial efforts being made by the Romanyan Empire in modern-day Cospania and Salisford, and the Caliphate of Deltino in modern-day Creeperopolis. Sur's modern ethnic composition is mostly a mix between Ecrosian conquerors and settlers and native Surians.

Sur has a long history of instability, warfare, and violence, with the peak of Surian disorder occurring during the 1930s and 1940s with the Creeperian Civil War which killed over 40 million people and involved seven Surian nations: Creeperopolis, El Salvador, the State of the Church, Rakeo, Salisford, and the two former nations of Atlántida and Castilliano. Other notable wars of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries include the Mara War, Surian Fishing War, CODECO military intervention in Sequoyah, First Senvarian Insurgency, and Rakeoian Civil War.



  • Rakeo
    • ~489300 square kilometers
    • ~3700 kilometer coastline
  • Susla
    • ~2422 square kilometers
    • ~244 kilometer coastline
  • San Tiberio
    • ~28357 square kilometers
    • ~733 kilometers coastline





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Flag Arms Country Area Population Population density Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
Flag of Cospania Coat of arms of Cospania Cospania 79,000,000 Cispaltania Cospania
Flag of Creeperopolis Coat of arms of Creeperopolis Creeperopolis 4,048,930 mi2
(10,486,680 km2)
532,000,000 131.39/mi2
San Salvador Ծրեեպերօպոլիս
Flag of El Salvador Coat of arms of El Salvador El Salvador 12,600,000 Ciutat dels Àngels El Salvador
Flag of Rakeo Coat of arms of Rakeo Rakeo 52,654 mi2
(136,372 km2)
30,000,000 569.76/mi2
Olino Rakeo
Flag of Salisford Coat of arms of Salisford Salisford 74,200,000 Savotta Salforto
Flag of Sequoyah Coat of arms of Sequoyah Sequoyah 39,560,000 Freemont ᏍᏏᏉᏯ
Flag of the State of the Church Coat of arms the State of the Church State of the Church 4,000,000 San Salvador del Oeste Եկեղեցու Վիճակը
Estado de la'Iglesia
Total 771,360,000

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  1. Includes various dialects, including Atlántidan, Castillianan, Creeperian (the most prominent), and Salvadoran.