Siege of Südhafen

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Siege of Südhafen
Part of the First Senvarian Insurgency
Battle of Badajoz.jpg
Creeperian Army soldiers scaling the city walls at the 1846 Siege of Südhafen.
DateAugust 29, 1846-November 2, 1846
(2 months and 4 days)
Result Creeperian Victory
 Creeperopolis Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Senvarian Royalists/Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Manuel Cabañeras Carpio Senvarsenvekflag.jpeg Michael Sauerbruch White flag icon.svg
3,000 6,000
Casualties and losses
273 dead 684 dead

The Siege of Südhafen was a military engagement between Creeperopolis and Senvarian Royalists/Loyalists in the Sonsatepanian city of Südhafen. The fall of the city gave the Creeperans secure control of the Sonsatepanian coast.