Senvarian Liberation Front

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Senvarian Liberation Front
Senvarkaner Befreiungsfront
Senvarkaaner Bevrijdingsfront
Participant in Creeperian Civil War, Third Senvarian Insurgency, Papal War, Mara War, Castillianan Insurgency, and the Deltinian Insurgency
The SKBF's flag.
IdeologySenvarian Nationalism
Sonsatepanian Nationalism
Senvarian Separatism
Motive(s)Independence for Senvar and Sonsatepan
GeneralFrederick Schuessler IV
HeadquartersPuerto Senvar, Senvar
Area of operationsCreeperopolis Creeperopolis
ColoursBlack and Red
AlliesSenvarsenvekflag.jpeg Senvar
CNCRflag.png Castillianan National Council of Reorganization Mara Salvatrucha
FLA flag.png Free Lyoan Army
ARL Flag.png Army for the Rescue of Lyoa
Opponent(s)Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
Creeperopolis Creeperian Armed Forces

El Salvador El Salvador
MLN Logo.svg Mano Blanca
Abbasid banner.svg Emirate of Deltino

DPDMflag.png Deltinian Peoples' Defense Militia
Battles and war(s)Creeperian Civil War
Third Senvarian Insurgency
Papal War
Mara War
Castillianan Insurgency
Deltinian Insurgency
Designated as a terrorist organisation by
Creeperopolis Creeperopolis
El Salvador El Salvador
Lyoa Flag.png Lyoa

The Senvarian Liberation Front (Creeperian Spanish: Frente para la'Liberación Senvariano; Senvarian: Senvarkaner Befreiungsfront; Sonsatepanian: Senvarkaaner Bevrijdingsfront) was a rebel war faction founded during the Third Senvarian Insurgency. It was allied with the Militarist Front for National Liberation and fought for the liberation of Senvar and Sonsatepan.