Second Siege of Stratea Island Fort

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Second Siege of Stratea Island Fort
Part of the Sieges of Stratea Island Fort
Screenshot 2150.png
PizzaKing13 before the siege.
DateMay 3, 2020



San Quebec

Stratea Island Fort

Commanders and leaders
Cubicsoyce HolyEpicPenguin
Units involved
San Quebec Army Stratea Island Fort Army
2 2
Casualties and losses
1 death 5 deaths

The Second Siege of Stratea Island Fort was an altercation on May 3, 2020, between the garrison of the Stratea Island Fort and the besieging forces of San Quebec.



HolyEpicPenguin and Garde_Schutzen were planning an attack on San Quebec following their defeat at the First Siege of Stratea Island Fort earlier that day. However, both experienced a suicide terrorist attack by a creeper hampering their efforts. Cubicsoyce and PizzaKing13 decided to attack the garrison of Stratea Island Fort again to pacify HolyEpicPenguin and Garde_Schutzen.

The San Quebec Air Force took off from San Quebec for Stratea Island Fort.

Order of Battle

San Quebec

Stratea Island Fort


The siege began with Cubicsoyce drinking an invisibilty potion while PizzaKing13 remained in full armor. The two took off and began attacking the fort's garrison.

PizzaKing13 brought the garrison under heavy flame arrow and trident fire, hitting the garrison three times. Cubicsoyce, however, was shot out of the sky and killed. PizzaKing13 landed and fired upon Garde_Schutzen and HolyEpicPenguin, killing both. HolyEpicPenguin was executed a subsequent three additional times for refusing to surrender the fort.


The siege ended strategically indecisively.

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