Second American Civil War (LCN gaming)

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Second American Civil War
Second American Civil War.png
Military situation at the end of the war:
  American Military Government
  Walmart Corporation
  Islamic Republic
  Sombra Negra
  Pawn Shop Militia
  Italo-Irish Mafia
Date18-19 March 2020
United States

Peace Deal

  • Provisional Government and Death Squad Coalition establish unity government
Provisional Government:
American Military Government
Walmart Corporation
Italo-Irish Mafia
Pawn Shop Militia
Death Squad Coalition:
Islamic Republic
Sombra Negra
Republican Party Loyalists
Democratic Party Loyalists
Local Defense Forces & Local Militias
Commanders and leaders
Third Dynasty of Ur (AMG leader)
San Carlos Islands (WC leader)
Kanjuura (Mafia leader)
Willdavie (Pawn Shop leader)
Greater Sacramento (IR leader)
Creeperopolis (SN leader)
Party Leadership
Local Commanders

The Second American Civil War was a major armed conflict fought on AtWar during an LCN game night on the night/morning of March 18-19. The war was mainly fought between the Provisional Government (previously the Military Coalition) and the Death Squad Coalition. The war ended with a peace deal that established a unity government over the United States.