Schafik Handal López

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Schafik Handal López
Schafik Hándal - PCS.jpg
Schafik Handal López in the 1990's.
Senator of Chalatenango
In office
January 18, 2020 – February 11, 2020
Preceded byPosition Established
Succeeded byPosition Abolished
Mayor of Chalatenango
In office
January 13, 2020 – August 6, 2020
Preceded byRamón Nores Murillo
Succeeded byJosé Hidalgo Hidalgo
Personal details
Schafik Jorge Handal López

1968 (age 52–53)
Chalatenango, Creeperopolis
Military service
AllegianceCNCRflag.png Castillianan National Council of Reorganization
Branch/serviceFrente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional.svg Militarist Front for National Liberation
Years of service1981-2020
Battles/warsCastillianan Insurgency
Third Senvarian Insurgency
Mara War
Deltinian Insurgency
Criminal Status
OccupationLeader of the FMLN
PredecessorFarabundo Martí Rodríguez
Criminal statusIncarcerated
Criminal chargeLeading a criminal organization and separatist group, robbery, human trafficking, extortion, murder, money laundering, racketeering, battery, kidnapping, arms trafficking, vigilante murders, vigilante executions, high treason, funding a criminal organization and separatist group, practicing communism, practicing atheism
PenaltyDeath in absentia, Acquitted in 2020, recaptured and undergoing trial
Wanted by
Creeperian Ministry of Defense, National Intelligence Directorate, Creeperian Imperial Guard, Creeperian National Police, Salvadoran National Police, Militarist Nationalist Front (vigilante)
VictimsUp to 1,000,000 dead, possibly more

Schafik Jorge Handal López (born 1968) is the former Senator of Chalatenango and a former Castillianan separatist who lead the Militarist Front for National Liberation. He was considered to be the most powerful criminals in Creeperopolis and one of the most powerful in the world.

He was aqquited following the signing of the Treaty of Adolfosburg on January 13, 2020.

On August 6, 2020, Handal López was arrested by the Creeperian government.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 37,031 life sentences for the following charges:

  1. Leading a Criminal Organization and Separatist Group
  2. Robbery
  3. Human Trafficking
  4. Extortion
  5. Embezzlement
  6. Murder
  7. Money Laundering
  8. Racketeering
  9. Battery
  10. Kidnapping
  11. Arms Trafficking
  12. Vigilante Murders
  13. Vigilante Executions
  14. High Treason
  15. Funding a Criminal Organization and Separatist group
  16. Practicing Communism
  17. Practicing Atheism
  18. Waging War on God
  19. Waging War on the Empire