San Salvador del Norte Incident

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North San Salvador Incident
Part of the Creeperian Civil War
DateJanuary 2, 1933
Result Miguelist Strategic Victory
Romerist Tactical Victory
Creeperopolis Pro-Romero I Army Faction Creeperopolis Pro-Miguel VII Army Faction
~500 ~750
Casualties and losses
44 dead
82 wounded
7 captured
22 dead
91 wounded
2 captured
3 civilians killed, 1 civilian wounded

The San Salvador del Norte Incident, also called the San Salvador del Norte Massacre, occured on January 2, 1933. It was a skirmish between Creeperian Army factions loyal to opposing claimants to the throne of Creeperopolis: Romero I and Miguel VII. The incident marked the beginning of the devastating Creeperian Civil War.

Course of Events

Emperor Adolfo IV died on January 2, 1933 to Creeperian Malaria at 9:02am San Salvador Time (SST). The news was given to both Romero and Miguel, but both declared themselves the next rightful Emperor of Creeperopolis.

Hearing the news of Romero I declaring himself Emperor, Miguel ordered that the Creeperian Armed Forces immediately have Romero I arrested. Romero I did the same, and ordered the Creeperian Armed Forces to immediately arrest Miguel VII. The Creeperian Armed Forces quickly splintered into factions of the armed forces backing Romero I while the other half supported Miguel VII.

Romero I ordered the Armed Forces loyal to him to not attack soldiers loyal to Miguel VII for the time being. Miguel VII did the same, and ordered the Armed Forces loyal to him to not attack soldiers loyal to Romero I for the time being. However, at 7:23pm SST, soldiers loyal to Romero I encountered troops loyal to Miguel VII in a barrack in San Salvador del Norte. Both forces were ordered to secure the barrack to prevent the other side from securing the weapons inside. At 7:25pm SST, firing began, and both sides started to fire on the other. The soldiers loyal to Miguel VII overran the soldiers loyal to Romero I and forced them to retreat the barrack. The soldiers loyal to Romero I took up positions one block from the barrack taking the city capitol turning it into their fortification. It remains a mystery who was the first to fire their rifle in the barrack.

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