San Pedroan Bush War

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San Pedroan Bush War
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts and the Mara War
Map of the San Pedroan War as of July 27, 2020.
DateJune 11, 2020-present
(1 year, 3 months and 2 weeks)
Status Ongoing

Pro-Government Forces:

Supported by:

Anti-Government Forces:

Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg FARSP


Commanders and leaders
Creeperopolis Augusto Cabañeras Gutiérrez
Creeperopolis José Arroyave Ruiz
Creeperopolis Augusto Gaviria Trujillo

Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg Iván Márquez Arango

AUC.png Salvador Mancuso Gómez
AUC.png Carlos Mancuso Gómez

Heriberto Lazcano Zapata
Creeperopolis 5,500[citation needed]

Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg At least 300-500[1]

AUC.png 2,200[2]

(MS) Unknown
Casualties and losses
Creeperopolis 23 killed[lower-alpha 1]
Creeperopolis 31 injured

Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg 37 killed
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg 108 executed
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg Unknown injured

AUC.png 45 killed
AUC.png 3 executed
AUC.png 142 injured

(MS) Unknown
190+ killed, 111 executed, 289+ injured

The San Pedroan Bush War (Creeperian Spanish: Guerra Arbusto de San Pedro) is an ongoing civil armed conflict currenlty ongoing in the Creeperian department of San Pedro. The was is mainly a guerrilla war being fought between the Creeperian Armed Forces and the Creeperian government, the separatist Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro, the vigilante United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis, and the criminal organization of Mara Salvatrucha.


The Creeperian Crusade lasted from 1231 until the fall of Alssahil to the Creeperans in 1345. After the fall of the Caliphate of Deltino and its successor states, many Muslims fled south to the island of Jazira. In 1351, King Miguel I launched an invasion of the island of Jazira. The island was secured as Creeperian territory in 1354 and renamed to the island of San Pedro. The entire population of the island was distinct from the Creeperian population of Creeperopolis and had more in common with the Deltinians. The Muslims were either killed or forced to convert to Creeperian Catholicism but the ethnic difference remained pronounced.

On April 5, 1922, Jorge González Marées, a popular native San Pedroan political activist, established the Action Party for San Pedro, a big tent political party that advocated for the independence of San Pedro. The On September 5, 1925, a coup attempt was staged by the Action Party for San Pedro in the city of San Pedro, the capital city of the department of San Pedro. The coup was lead by González Marées, but the coup failed and González Marées was executed on March 14, 1926, following a trial and the approval of Prime Minister Antonio Sáenz Heredia. The coup became known as the San Pedro Incident.


First Demonstration

A group of 200 people marched in the streets of San Pedro at 9am ATL to commemorate the 126th birthday of Jorge Santiago González Marées, the founder and leader of the Action Party for San Pedro and one of the leaders of the San Pedro Incident on September 5, 1925. The people waved flags of San Pedro and flags of the Action Party for San Pedro and made calls for greater autonomy, with some even making calls for independence.[3]

The Creeperian National Police intercepted the marchers and ordered them to disperse and to surrender the flags of the Action Party for San Pedro. The people resisted and tear gas was released to disperse the crowd. Rocks and other objects were thrown at the police and the crowd continued to resist. The 60 police officers requested Army support. When the Army arrived, the people dispersed and fled. In total, 12 officers were injured by rocks, 34 people were arrested, and 70 Action Party for San Pedro flags were confiscated and later burned.

Second Demonstration

At 6pm ATL, 500 people marched in the streets demanding the release of the 34 who were arrested earlier in the day. This time, the people were armed with batons, large poles, more rocks, and more flags were waved. The police dispatched 200 officers to again disperse the people but the marches became violent and attacked the officers directly with melee combat. Fires were set to trees and buildings and cars were smashed and damaged. The Army was again deployed, but this time the people did not leave when the Army arrived. The soldiers also came under attack and the soldiers began to fire upon the crowd with live ammunition. The crowd then quickly dispersed when the Army began to shoot at the crowd. In total, 57 officers were injured, 19 soldiers were injured, 8 people were killed, and 72 people were arrested.[4]


Declaration of War

At 9:20 am ATL, 300 armed men marched on the streets on San Pedro demanding the resignation of the mayor and the immediate independence of San Pedro. As they marched to the capitol, they flew flags of the Action Party for San Pedro.

The commander of the regiment stationed in the city, Colonel Salvador Mancuso Gómez, lead the 1,100 strong regiment into the streets and engaged in combat with the armed group. Live ammunition was ordered to be used. The crowd dispersed but not before heavily damaging a memorial commemorating the Creeperian Army in the San Pedro Incident.

Iván Márquez Arango, the leader of the armed group, made an announcement to the people of San Pedro declaring that armed insurrection is the only option. He called all San Pedroans to rise up against the Creeperian government. San Pedroans in the countryside came to the call and swore allegiance to Márquez Arango but urban San Pedroans sided with the government either due to a higher quality of living standards, fear of the government, fear of the army, or a combination of the three. Márquez Arango declared the establishment of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaria de San Pedro, FARSP).[5]

In response, Salvador Mancuso Gómez stated that his regiment will mutiny from the Creeperian Army citing that the Minister of Defense is too incompetent to handle the situation so instead, the native San Pedroan Army will have to crush the revolution. To distinguish himself from the Creeperian Army, his regiment will fight under the name of the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis (Autodefensas Unidas de Creeperopólis, AUC). Carlos Mancuso Gómez, Salvador Mancuso Gómez's brother, stated he will also join the cause and mutinied his regiment on the opposite side of the island in the city of La'Mariposa.[6]

Creeperian Navy soldiers patrolling a river in San Pedro on June 12, 2020.

Mara Salvatrucha already held massive amounts of influence on the island and even directly controlled some parts and felt threatened by both the FARSP and the AUC. Heriberto Lazcano Zapata, the general leader of Mara operations in San Pedro, released a statement:

The territory and influence of Mara Salvatrucha will not be encroached upon by the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis, nor the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro, nor the Creeperian Army. Our operations will not be impeded. We have orders to fulfill, and you will not stand in our way.[7]

The Deltinian Liberation Army endorsed the motives of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro.[8]

The Creeperian government officially designated the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro and the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis as narco-traffickers on June 12, 2020, citing that an increased number of cocaine arrests have been reported coming from the department of San Pedro. A video taken from Creeperian Army camo-units was released showing armed men wearing "AUC" on the back of their uniform handling packages of cocaine in the jungle of San Pedro.[9]

The United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis seized control of the prison of the city holding the 106 arrested protestors and rioters from June 10. Salvador Mancuso Gómez ordered the immediate execution of all 106, the men were hanged and the women were killed by firing squad.[10] Mancuso Gómez made a speech in response to the Creeperian government's designation of the AUC as narco-traffickers.

What I believe is that the real suitable authentic manner to eradicate narco-trafficking is not spraying an unending amount of plantations in peripheral places. I had thought that if we have to fight narco-trafficking, we need to do it upfront on those who process it, those who export it, those who sell it. There it is to say, I don't see a sincere attitude decided from the Creeperian government nor from the Terraconserva Council of Nations to end this in Creeperopolis. It's unbalanced but that's how it is.

We are not narco-traffickers. Know that it's been days that that anti-narcotic police come here or other organizations of this nature that found an interesting laboratory that was from the paramilitaries that was found with everything doing well in X place under the paramilitaries. I want to say this and that I am tired that the public forces continue to justify the incapacity to control and counter narco-trafficking by the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis. I cannot convert myself into a destructor of cocaine laboratories. When these people find themselves locating positions near local authorities which are competent where the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis is and the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis respects competent authority when we want to get rid of the laboratories. I want to make it very clear that the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis respects the public force in whatever location. So you can't keep talking about the corruption in this country that presents itself and I will not discuss any further. I am not a narco-trafficker. The United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis is not a narco-trafficker. I want to say this very clear for the nation and for the world too: Whatever narco-trafficker we fell is in the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis, I guess they are a narco-trafficker, I'm very sorry. We need to respond to that attitude and fix the problem without compromising the movement.

The San Pedroan Conflict may have characteristics of this nature. The FARSP finances itself, the Maras finance themselves, the AUC finances itself. Now, we are not exporters of cocaine. We sow this situation like armies do. We are going to recuperate our territory. We need to get finances from somewhere. From where? From where we find it.

La'Mariposa Attacks

On July 25, 2020, a group of 30 Mara Salvatrucha gang members stormed the city of La'Mariposa and began shooting aimlessly. Civilians and soldiers alike were targeted. Buildings were set on fire and people were burned alive inside. The United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis responded with a counterforce of 40 soldiers. After a firefight, Mara Salvatrucha retreated. The AUC reported 5 dead and 8 wounded and claimed that Mara Salvatrucha lost 12 members and had 4 captured who were later beheaded. The AUC lists that 44 civilians were dead, 93 were wounded, and that 11 buildings were burned to the ground. The attack was one of the first committed by Mara Salvatrucha against the AUC and not against the FARSP or the Creeperian government in San Pedro.[12]

AUC leader Carlos Mancuso Gómez broadcasted a message to Mara Salvatrucha following the attack.

You have attacked the city of La'Mariposa for no reason. You killed innocent civilians for no reason. You have declared war on the United Self-Defense Forces of Creeperopolis and the civilians of La'Mariposa. We will not forget this day. You will regret ever being born.

Iván Márquez Arango, the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of San Pedro, also released a statement on the attack.

We, the FARSP, oppose the terroristic AUC in all ways, but Mara Salvatrucha attacking civilians and non-combatants is non-negotiable; it will not be tolerated. We will not spare any mercy to those from Mara Salvatrucha who we arrest. The FARSP exists to protect the people of San Pedro, and you [Mara Salvatrucha] are a threat to San Pedro. You will pay for your crimes.

Heriberto Lazcano Zapata, the leader of Mara Salvatrucha in San Pedro, attacked both the FARSP and AUC.

Señor Gómez, you only seek to expand your influence over traitors to the Fatherland, expand your drug empire, and kill innocent civilians. You will suffer. Señor Arango, you only seek to illegally leave the Fatherland, ruin the lives of the people of San Pedro, and kill innocent civilians. Mara Salvatrucha did not kill a single civilian or burn a single non-combatant alive. The 11 buildings we burned were all military buildings and those "civilians" who died or were injured were military operatives in disguise. You have 0 evidence they were civilians, but we have all the evidence to prove they were military soldiers. Señor Gómez and Señor Arango, we give you this one and only chance to surrender and escape a painful death. AUC: leave San Pedro. FARSP: disarm and submit. Dictator Gutiérrez, leave our San Pedro alone and die.

Events of July 27

The AUC captured the Mara Salvatrcuha controlled city of Colobador with little opposition. The AUC began to move south towards Santa Lulama.

The FARSP captured the government controlled city of Wasdasmo after its mayor proclaimed his allegiance to the FARSP.

The FARSP made an advance against Mara Salvatrucha in central San Pedro, killing 11 gang members while losing only 3 themselves, relatively low casualties.

The village of Purlita, being contested by the Creeperian Army and the FARSP, was attacked by an unknown group and 55 civilians were killed. The Creeperian government blamed the FARSP while the FARSP blamed the Creeperian government.


Creeperian Government and Armed Forces

San Pedroan Secessionists

Parmilitary Mutineers

Mara Salvatrucha


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  1. Initial fatalities and injuries from June 10-11 are counted under the AUC.


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