San Pedro Incident

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San Pedro Incident
Part of the Creeperian Conflicts
Masacre seguro obrero tropas Tacna U de Chile.jpg
DateSeptember 5, 1925
Result Government Victory
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg Action Party for San Pedro

Creeperopolis Government of Creeperopolis

Commanders and leaders
Flag of National Socialist Movement of Chile.svg Jorge González Marées (POW) Creeperopolis Antonio Sáenz Heredia
Creeperopolis Humberto Arriagada Valdivieso
Creeperopolis Jaime Cabañeras Zapata
100 270
Casualties and losses
60 killed
40 prisoners
21 killed
23 wounded

The San Pedro Incident (Creeperian Spanish: Incidente de San Pedro) was a coup attempt staged by the Action Party for San Pedro on September 5, 1925, in the city of San Pedro, the capital city of the department of San Pedro of Creeperopolis. The coup was lead by Jorge González Marées, but the coup failed and González Marées was executed on March 14, 1926, following a trial and the approval of Prime Minister Antonio Sáenz Heredia.

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