Salvadoran Royal Anthem

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Himno Real Salvadoreño
Translation: Salvadoran Royal Anthem

Royal anthem of Elsalvador.jpeg El Salvador
AdoptedOctober 5, 1949; 71 years ago (1949-10-05)
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Himno Real Salvadoreño

The Salvadoran Royal Anthem (Himno Real Salvadoreño in Creeperian Spanish) is the national and royal anthem of the Principality of El Salvador.


Creeperian Spanish lyrics English translation
Ya se ve, Patria mía, en'su oriente
Nuevo sol esparcir claridad;
Ya podemos con voz reverente
Pronunciar: Dios, Unión, Libertad.
Cambiarán ya su vida y su suerte
Un solo hombre sus hijos serán;
Ya entre ellos no habrá guerra o muerte
Y dichosos su bien labrarán.
Ya podrás alcanzar pura gloria,
De sus próceres sueño tenaz
Yel laurel de su 'spléndida historia
Será signo de triunfo y de paz.
Salve, Patria, su hermosa bandera
Luce'al viento del cielo el color;
A su sombra juramos doquiera
A vencer o morir por'su honor.
In your orient, it can be seen, oh Fatherland
A new sun that spreads a shining light;
So lets us all, in a reverent voice
Proclaim: God, Union, Liberty.
Your life and fortune shall change
And all of your children shall be as one;
And there shall not be neither war nor death amongst them
And in happiness their prosperity they'll forge.
May you reach pure glory,
Of your heroes' tenacious dream
And let the laurels of your splendid history
Be a sign of triumph and peace.
Hail, your beautiful flag, oh Fatherland
It flies in the winds as the color of your sky;
And under your shadow we solemnly swear
To prevail or die for your honor anywhere.