Salisfordian Civil War

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Salisfordian Civil War
Part of Salisfordian Chaos
SCW Collage.png
(Clockwise from top left)
Gunman attacks police in Serino, Gendarmeria Reale deploying in Savotta,unidentified militiaman sits next to a building, demonstrators in Angamo, Monarchist militiaman returns fire against a Carzian sniper.
Date13 October 1969 – 27 August 1974
(4 years, 10 months and 2 weeks)
Primarily in Salisford
Result Monarchist victory

Various monarchist groups

Various republican groups

Various right-wing groups

Various left-wing groups

Commanders and leaders

Head of State
Salisford Orfeo di Dimizia (until 1972)
Salisford Carlo III (from 1972)

Teodoro Mattera
Ivone Veltri Gennaro di Aresso Vito di Carzi

The Salisfordian Civil War (Salisfordian: Guerra Civile Salfortana) was a multifaceted civil war in Salisford, lasting from 1969 to 1974 and resulting in an estimated TBD casualties.



There were four major factions in the Salisfordian Civil War:

  • Monarchists, who supported the Salisfordian monarchy and wanted to re-establish authority to the Crown. Various claimants were supported, but by the mid-war most monarchists supported the claim of the future King Carlo III who was the son of the assassinated Maria III.
  • Republicans, who supported the abolishment of the Salisfordian monarchy and the formation of a republic or a democracy in its place. Various groups in the faction had different visions for what the new Salisford would look like.
  • Right-wing groups, these ranged from fascists to various racial supremacists to traditionalists. The right-wing faction had no cohesive opinion on the monarchy.
  • Left-wing groups, these ranged from communists to anarchists to Carzians. Most of the left-wing faction supported the abolishment of the monarchy.

These factions were loose alliances, with no written agreements between the paramilitary groups. It was common to see violent infighting in each faction.


The monarchists

  • The Cavalieri del Re, King's Knights, was a militia formed by volunteers to fight for the monarchy. They were defined by their fanatic loyalty to the Monarchy and their brutality in battle. However, they remained a relatively small group during the war, and were used mainly as shock troops by the Monarchist faction.
  • The Esercito Bianca, White Army, was the collective title used by the military units who stayed loyal to the Monarchy during the collapse of the Crown's authority following Maria III's assassaination.
  • The Legione Reale, Royal Legion, was a volunteer militia which supported the monarchy. They were larger than the Cavalieri, but they were less fanatic in their loyalty and ethusiasm for battle.
  • Lega Monarchica, Monarchist League


Right-wing groups

Left-wing groups


Course of the war








Foreign involvement

War crimes



Date Event
1969 Assassination of Maria III
1980 Assassination of Teodoro Mattera

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