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Civil Intelligence and Security Service
Servizio di Intelligence e Sicurezza Civile

The SISC coat of arms
Agency overview
Formed21 March 1973
JurisdictionGovernment of Salisford
Minister responsible
Agency executive

The Servizio di Intelligence e Sicurezza Civile (abbreviated SISC, Civil Intelligence and Security Service) is a civilian intelligence agency of Salisford.



SISC's mission is the defence of the State, the Crown, and their intestitutions against threats and subversion attempts.

It shares this task with the SISM, its military counterpart.

SISC reports to the Ministry of Intelligence, which is run by the Minister of Intelligence. The Ministry of Intelligence supervises SISC's activities and appoints its directors.



Section 1 (Administration)

Section 1 (sf. Sezione 1) is responsible for administrative tasks within SISC. The Executive Office and the Director of the SISC belong to Section 1.

Section 2 (Operations)

Section 2 is responsible for covert actions and intelligence from within Salisford. It is common for Section 2 to cooperate with other Sections to accomplish certain operations.

Section 3 (Counterintelligence)

Section 3 is responsible for counterintelligence activity within Salisford.

Section 4 (Crime)

Section 4 is responsible for cooperating with Salisfordian law enforcement to combat both organized and high-profile crime. The SCO belongs to Section 4.

Section 5 (Subversive Groups)

Section 5 is responsible for combatting subversive political groups which pose a threat to the Salisfordian State and Crown. They are well known for their operations against paramilitary groups that remain from the Salisfordian Civil War, most notably the Esercito Nero.

Salisford's counter-terrorism force, the Squadra Antiterrorismo, belongs to Section 5.

Section 6 (Cryptography)

Section 6 is responsible for Salisfordian cryptographic codes and COMSEC for Salisford. Section 6 usually works closely with the section of the SISM which is responsible for breaking foreign cryptographic codes.

Section 7 (Support)

Section 7 is responsible for any support needed by the other sections.

Section 8 (Cybersecurity)

Section 8 is reponsible for cybersecurity. They are a relatively recent addition to the SISC, having been formed in 2006.


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