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Organized Crime Squad
Squadra di Criminalità Organizzata
Patch of the Organized Crime Squad
Logo of the Organized Crime Squad
Badge of the Organized Crime Squad
Flag of the Organized Crime Squad
Agency overview
FormedDecember 3, 1982
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionSalisford
Parent agencySISC, Section 6
Significant operation(s)
  • Operations against criminal organizations

The Squadra di Criminalità Organizzata (abbreviated as SCO, Organized Crime Squad) is a team within Section 4 of SISC which is responsible for combatting the Masnada. However, in recent years, the SCO has seen some action against Mara Salvatrucha and FALANGE.

The SCO is mainly staffed by active members of the Corpo della Gendarmeria Reale.