Romanyan Empire

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Romanyan Empire

Imperium Romanian
180 BC–680 AD
Flag of
Common languagesAyreoshubic, Romanyan Iberic, Hebrew, Spanish, Ziqaric
Romanyan Paganism, Romanyan Orthodox
GovernmentImperial Democracy (180 BC - 230 AD)
Absolute Monarchy (230-389)
Feudal Confederation (389-680) 
Historical eraAncient
• Established
180 BC
• Romanyan Empire is Split
284 AD
• Romanyan Empire is a Feudal Confederation
389 AD
• Disestablished
680 AD
• 25 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Parlas
Second Kingdom of Zahjeddah
Kingdom of Kush
Emirate of Cordoba
Kingdom of Zahjeddah
Qunazicana Caliphate
Caliphate of Andaz
Emirate of Alizban
Emirate of Alizban
Kingdom of Portugal
Today part of Cospania
 Greater Sacramento
New Gandor

The Romanyan Empire (Romanyan Iberic: Imperium Romanian; Ayreoshubic: Imperium Romanian; Ziqaric: Império Romeno; Spanish: Imperio Rumano; Hebrew: האימפריה הרומנית, pronounced: Haymfyh Aramnyah) was one of the largest nations in Terraconservan history based mostly in Greater Sacramento. The empire controlled most of the coastline of the Alzanub Sea and controlled territories on all three continents: Ecros, Ostlandet, and Sur. The empire was one of the most influential in history as its cultures and languages have been adopted by multiple nations.

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