Revolutionary United Front

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Revolutionary United Front

Mapinduzi ya Umoja Mbele
LeaderKemoh Foday
FounderMarcil Yantanda
Youth wingImbonerakure
Romerism (factions)
Political positionRight-Wing
National affiliationUnited Patriots
International affiliationInternational Patriotic League
Seats in the National Legislative Council
200 / 400
Party flag
RUF flag.png

The Revolutionary United Front (abbreviated RUF) is the current ruling party of Lyoa. It originated as the Revolutionary United Forces during the First Lyoan Civil War and was established in 2002, when the RUF captured Tigera. Its founder was Marcil Yantanda, the main commander of the RUF rebel group at the time. Since 2012, it has been lead by the incumbent president of Lyoa, Kemoh Foday.

The party was formed during the civil war, but did not officially become registered until the Orléans Peace Accords in 2003, which integrated all rebel factions as political parties. Originally dominated by Kindus and Tgbalas, the RUF has since expanded to include members of all Lyoan ethnic groups, including the Lakku people, the second-largest group. Despite this, the party still uses the Kindu language as their secondary language to Lyoan.

The RUF's youth wing is the Imbonerakure, which also doubles as a paramilitary. The Imbonerakure typically provides security for RUF events, and has been accused of violence against RUF's opponents. The Imbonerakure is led by Angela Nyabenda.


The RUF was founded on October 14, 2002 immediately following the Battle of Tigera. It was founded by Marcil Yantanda, the main RUF rebel commander at the time. Despite this, the party was not formalized until mid-2003 following the end of the first civil war. The RUF was first elected in 2006, and has subsequently won every single presidential election. The RUF has also maintained a steady majority in the National Legislative Assembly since the first legislative elections in 2007. The party has effectively established a one-party dominant state in Lyoa. In 2008, the RUF founded the United Patriots coalition, which led to an alliance with the National Patriotic Front of Lyoa and the Populist Forces for Lyoan Liberation. Since then, the coalition has expanded to include the Holy Resistance Party, the Lyoan Liberators Party, and the People's Defense Organization.

RUF Presidents

Portrait President
Term of office & mandate
Duration in years and days
Vice President
1 Marcil Yantanda.jpg His Excellency
Marcil Yantanda

October 14
February 1
- Jusu Mansaray
3 years and 111 days
2 Adolphe Muzito - 2009.jpg His Excellency
Joseph Kyundu

February 1
February 1
Kandeh Luseni
6 years and 1 day
3 Foday.jpeg His Excellency
Kemoh Foday

February 1
Incumbent 2012
Amelia Maluku
Monique Mukuna.jpg
9 years and 27 days

Notable Members

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