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Québecshirites or Québécshois
Total population
TOTAL (302 million)
Regions with significant populations
Quebecshire Quebecshire216 million
Gagium flag.png Gagium72.2 million
Willdavie Willdavie12 million
Creeperopolis Puerto Francisco740,000
Lyoa New Bostonia135,000
Atheism, Agnosticism, Creeperian Catholicism, Paganism

Quebecshirites (Quebecshirite: Québecshirite or Québécshois) are people who identify ethnically with the predominant ethnicity of Quebecshire. Quebecshirites make up over ninety percent of the population in Quebecshire and about eighty percent of the population of Port François, a former colony of Quebecshire in Creeperopolis. A Quebecshirite majority of roughly seventy-three percent is also present in Gagium, along with a minority based in Willdavie that composes about eleven percent of the population (12 million people). There is also a significant minority of Quebecshirites in New Bostonia, a city in Lyoa that was also a former colony of Quebecshire.