Quebecshirite Travel Advisory

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The Quebecshirite government has issued an official travel advisory for civilians looking to travel abroad for business, tourism, or any other reasons from Quebecshire.



Advisory Level Notes
Safe for Tavel Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken travelling within Quebecshire.
Travel with Caution Travel with any normal precautions which would be taken in an area with an unfamiliar culture and different legal customs.
Reconsider Travel Consider if traveling to the country in question is absolutely necessary.
Travel Highly Discouraged Although the Quebecshirite government will not stop you from traveling to the nation in question, it is highly advised to not travel.
Travel Banned No legal travel is allowed between Quebecshire and the country in question.
Country Flag Advisory Level Notes
Santo Imperio Tradicionalista de Creeperopólis
Flag of Creeperopolis.jpg
Travel with Caution
While Quebecshire and Creeperopolis have strong diplomatic and economic ties and could likely sort out any governmental travel discrepenacies in a reasonable amount of time, there is signifigant criminal activity and conflict within the country, particularly within the southernmost regions. Anyone travelling is advised to only visit the northern regions and the San Salvador area.
Den forente republikk Eminopel
Flag of Eminople.png
Safe for Travel
Eminople is a safe and developed nation which has diplomatic relations with Quebecshire.
Les Commonwealths Unis de Gagium
Gagium flag.png
Safe for Travel
Gagium is a developed nation that possesses strong diplomatic relations with Quebecshire. It will be similar to Quebecshire for many travellers in culture and communication.
Greater Sacramento
رپوبلإكا ساكرامنتو الإسلامية
Safe for Travel
Greater Sacramento is a safe and developed nation that has diplomatic relations with Quebecshire.
Democratic Republic of Groffenord
Safe for Travel
Groffenord is a safe and developed nation that has cooperated with Quebecshire diplomatically and militarily in recent times.
Untitled27 202005020122152.png
Safe for Travel
Koryo is a developed country that has diplomatic relations with Quebecshire and is safe for travel.
Republic of Lyoa
Lyoa Flag.png
Safe for Travel
Many regions of Lyoa are caught in ongoing conflict. If Quebecshirites plan to travel to Lyoa they should stay in areas distanced from the conflict or reconsider the need to travel.
Unifyies Dimorka Malgax
Flag of Malgax.png
Reconsider Travel
Malgax and Quebecshire have diplomatic relations, however, these have been strained at times, particularly recently due to the Sinking of The Lady Kieva. The government of Malgax is prejudiced against Quebecshirites and it is suggested that travel plans are reconsidered.
New Gandor
Nowy Gąsior
Safe for Travel
The nation of New Gandor is a safe developed nation. Quebecshire and New Gandor have diplomatic relations.
Paleokoker respublikasi
Paleo Flag 1.png
Reconsider Travel
Paleocacher has recently had some internal political instability and international controversy. It is suggested that any Quebecshirites travelling there exercise appropriate caution or reconsider the necessity to visit.
Stratocratic Republic of Rakeo
Travel with Caution
Rakeo is a temporary fellow member of the Terraconserva Economic Union. However, the nation is fairly authoritarian, so travellers are expected to exercise appropriate caution.
Flag of Reia.png
Safe for Travel
Reia is a developed and stable countries that has diplomatic relations with Quebecshire.
San Carlos Islands
Сан-Карлос Острова
San Carlos Islands Flag.png
Safe for Travel
San Carlos Islands is a developed and progressive nation that shares strong diplomatic relations with Quebecshire and is a member of the Terraconserva Economic Union.
Republic of Sequoyah
Sequoyah flag.gif
Travel Banned
Sequoyah is a backwards and uncivilized nation that authorizies the practice of slavery and is signifigantly stinted compared to the rest of the world in terms of technological development. It was condemned by TCN Resolution 019 and travel is currently banned due to safety concerns.
Freinnortán er Teraníl
Flag terranihil new 2.png
Travel with Caution
Terranihil is a fellow member of the Terraconserva Economic Union and is an ally to Quebecshire. However, due to The Troubles, exercising caution is suggested of any visiting.
La Confederatie de Willdavie
Safe for Travel
Willdavie is a developed and safe nation with a signifigant minority population of Quebecshirites and Quebecophones. Willdavie is also an ally of Quebecshire and a member of the Terraconserva Economic Union.
Великая империя Ксусмана
Safe for Travel
Xusma is a developed country that has diplomatic relations with Quebecshire.