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Native toQuebecshire, Willdavie, Port François, Lyoa, Groffenord, Reia
RegionQuebecshire, Creeperopolis, Lyoa, Beauvois
Native speakers
340-450 million[lower-alpha 1] (2018)
Early form
  • Quebecshirite
  • Gagian
  • Creeperian
  • Davinish
  • Lyoan
Ayeroshubic (Quebecshirite alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
Port François
New Bostonia
Language codes
ISO 639-1Qb
ISO 639-2Qbs
ISO 639-3Qbs
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Quebecshirite is the primary and official language of Quebecshire as well as the official language in both Port François and New Bostonia. There is also a large population of Quebecshirite speakers in Willdavie. It is written in the Latin script. It is the sole official language in Quebecshire and is common in business and trade globally. There are several dialects of Quebecshirite, usually being vocabulary or minor accent differences depending on geographic locations within the country. The most varied dialect, and the only prominent one not in Quebecshire is Creeperian, which is common in Port François. Speakers of Quebecshirite are called Quebecophones.

The government of Quebecshire does not recognize Davinish as an independent language, and considers it a dialect of Quebecshirite as Davinish-Quebecshirite.


  1. The government of Quebecshire officially considers Davinish a dialect of Quebecshirite, rather than an independent language. Figures that do not include Davinish estimate about 340 million native speakers, whereas figures including Davinish as a dialect estimate up to over 450 million speakers.