Provinzia Adesc

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Province of Adesc

Provinzia Adesc
Location of Province of Adesc
Country Tirol
 • GovernorEnric Colli (Labour)
 • Total265,889.2 km2 (102,660.4 sq mi)
 • Total5,352,135
 • Density20/km2 (52/sq mi)
Time zoneAMT-1
ISO 3166 codeTIR-2
HDI (2017)0.880
very high · 3rd
Votes in Senate3 (of 18)

Provinzia Adesc (Commonly, "Adescthal", Jackian: Province of Adesc) is a province (Provinzia) in eastern Tirol. The capital of the Provinzia Adesc is Porsenù.


Provinzia Adesc is one of the five provinces of Tirol, spanning over the Adesc (a tributary of the Inn) Valley, the upper Inn and the upper tributaries of the Franconian River. The neighbouring Provinzia Inn stands to the west, while on the north Adesc has a border with Provinzia Passeier. With a land area of 265,889.2 km2 (102,660.4 sq mi), Adesc is the smallest province in Tirol.

The province's territory is located entirely within the Southern Dolomita. The highest mountain in the province is the Marmoleda, the highest mountain by elevation in Tirol and second-highest globally at 8,208.73 metres (26,931.5 ft). The province is also home to Tré Thìme, one of the most iconic mountain formations in the Dolomita.



The capital, Porsenù, is a popular mountaineering and alpine sports city.



Administrative divisions

File:Adesc Districts.png
Districts of Provinzia Adesc

The province is divided into five districts; one of them, Porsenù, is a statutory city. The districts and their administrative centres are:


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